Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Storybook Room

 Uncle Bob talks with a tree frog:

Freddie the Hyla Arborea Frog | moodyaudio.com

Cliff rescue - RB150

  Ranger Bill for 

late Saturday morning, Nov 26, 2022

Cliff Rescue aka Clean-Up Work aka Timmy Climbs Mt. Evergreen

Spring cleaning at ranger headquarters is interrupted by trouble on Mt. Evergreen. Champion mountain climber Keith takes his family climbing on Mt. Evergreen. Little Tim goes wandering off from camp and gets trapped on a crumbly, narrow ledge. Bill and the fellas must find a way to rescue the young climber before he falls off the ledge.

Clown of Blue Lake - RB072

 Our early Saturday morning Ranger Bill adventures 

for Nov 26, 2022, are RB072
The Clown of Blue Lake

Ben Stout and Pop run High Ridge Lodge at Blue Lake. A mysterious creature is attacking tourists all around the lodge. Folks aren't safe in the water or on land. And they are beginning to believe that this is some sort of monster. Ben calls in Bill and Stumpy to get rid of this not-so-funny clown of Blue Lake

Friday, November 25, 2022

RB069 - Earthquake

  Our Ranger Bill adventure

for Nov. 25, 2022, is RB069

Bill and Ralph enjoy watching the construction of a new office building. Then an earthquake strikes Knotty Pine causing fairly minor damage. More quakes are forecast. Bill thinks the town’s disaster teams need more training. 

Key Phrase - "Don't lose your head or you may lose your life."

Bernie Holcman - Civil Defense Coordinator

Mr. Hansen - Construction Foreman

Houseboat Charlie - RB070

  Our Ranger Bill story

for Friday Nov. 25, 2022, is RB070
Houseboat Charlie

Houseboat Charlie has been ferrying folks back and forth across the Shady River longer than anyone can remember. He’s survived outlaws and Indian attacks, heat, fires and more. Bill wants him to dock the ferry until the heavy rains and flooding stops, but Charlie isn't about to let a little rain scare him.