Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Friday, August 26, 2011

RB043 - The Crusher

A cargo plane crash lands at Knotty Pine airport. A short time later, an airport employee is found dead inside a hanger near the plane’s cargo boxes. He has been crushed to death. Who or what could do this? Ranger Bill is called in to investigate. He suspects something escaped one of the cargo boxes.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Ranger Found!

Lost Ranger Located and Rescued!

Ranger Gray Wolf reports that the missing deep woods ranger, Ben Clipper, has been found and rescued. Ben was located on the Shady Mountain edge of his territory.
Gray Wolf tells the GAZETTE that Ben slipped and fell from a small, rocky rise which was on a trail he was hiking. Ben broke both his radio and his ankle. He was unable to travel on the broken leg. He crawled to a stream nearby and attempted to contact ranger headquarters. Ben was unable to fix his radio and his phone could not find a usable signal.
Ben decided to set-up camp as best he could. He marked his location with rocks and small tree branches.
Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson organized search teams immediately after ranger Clipper's call-in time was passed. After three days of searching, search teams found Ben at the edge of his work area.
Ben was taken by helicopter to Knotty Pine Hospital for overnight observation. Doctors at KPH report that ranger Clipper was suffering from mild exposure, but appeared otherwise fine.
Forest Fire Threat Continues
Big Pine National Forest's Chief Ranger Jefferson tells the GAZETTE that the threat of fire continues for now. Camp fires and gas engines are not permitted in the forest right now. Mr. Jefferson may still close the forest to all visitors.
Ranger Bill has recalled all rangers on special duty such as farm harvest help. Also all vacations and time off are all cancelled during the fire threat.

Friday, August 19, 2011

RB-042 Forest Fire

The towns of Silver Springs and Claytown are surrounded by 10 forest fires and their citizens are trapped. The southern district rangers can't fight these blazes alone. They call Bill and his men and equipment to control the fires. This is one of the biggest fires the state has ever had. And to top it off, the train bringing equipment from Knotty Pine breaks down. Can Bill help get these fires under control or will rangers and innocent citizens die?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Lost Ranger, Fire Season

Ranger Headquarters-Knotty Pine
Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson tells the GAZETTE that one of his summer help, a deep-woods ranger failed to report in by radio yesterday. Ranger Bill thinks that it may be a simple radio failure, but he must be sure his rangers are safe. The summer ranger, Ben Clipper, has volunteered in Big Pine's deep woods for the past 8 summers. Bill says that Ben has been a very good and useful ranger. Ben knows Big Pine extremely well, having hiked and camped there for several years before becoming a summer ranger.
Ranger Bill has organized search teams composed of at least one Big Pine ranger in each team. Ben has a cell phone and GPS, on top of his radio, but has not contacted ranger headquarters by phone.
The hot, dry summer here in Knotty Pine has placed the Big Pine National Forest in danger of forest fire. No camp fires or gas engines will be allowed in the forest until relative humidity levels rise. If the dry conditions continue much longer, the forest will be closed to all visitors.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Knotty Pine Fair

Yes, it's that time of year again - fair season! The Knotty Pine Fair begins Monday, August 15, at the fair grounds on the south end of town on Highway Z. 4-H displays fill much of the fair, with 4-H judging going on all week long. See a huge display of cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and goats, not to mention chickens. Other events during the week include Tractor Pulls, Demolition Derby, Sports Car Race, Animal Shows, Rodeo with Trick Riding, and much, much more. A wide variety of rides will entertain and thrill both young and old alike - Ferris wheels, kiddie cars, crack the whip, and the like. And of course, all the food you can eat will be for sale - elephant ears, corn on the cob, hot dogs of every description, chillies, sausages, pop corn, cotton candy, as well as hot and cold drinks.
See you there!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

RB041 - The Jealous Stepfather

Our rangers are driving back to Knotty Pine after a long, cold day in the forest. They are just starting to get warm in their "snowmobile" when they pass a young boy walking along an isolated stretch of road. The fellas pick up the boy, who reluctantly agrees to go to town but not home. This young man Gary has been verbally abused and beaten by his stepfather. The stepfather Jake has trouble controlling his anger and lashes out at home and at work. Bill is willing to help both Gary and Jake. But will Jake be willing or able to change his life - even with help? Jake's and Gary's lives both depend upon it!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

RB-040 Stumpy Gets 30 Days

If you love Stumpy then this show is one you can't miss! This Ranger Bill episode is a fan favorite, and you'll see why in Stumpy Gets 30 Days!
It's winter and the snows are deep. The rangers are moving a herd of buffalo to good grazing land. A young bull in the herd gets upset with Stumpy and his horse Maude. Bill and Henry see the bull too late. It gores both Stumpy and Maude, then proceeds to roll on Stumpy crushing his chest!!! Stumpy is rushed to the emergency room with little life or will to live in him. If the Old Timer lives will he have the strength and the will to go on? What can Bill and his rangers do to keep their dear friend alive? They begin with prayer.