Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Knotty Pine

Ranger Bill, Stumpy, Gray Wolf and Henry wish everyone a warm and joyous Christmas! May joy and peace fill each of your lives as we celebrate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. As we open and share gifts this day, may the gift salvation in Christ be first in your hearts!

A question from Vern

Vern emailed us with this question:
"Did you ever have anything to do with Davey and Goliath since it's very similar to Ranger Bill. I watch Davey and Goliath on TV although this is the kind of show which could have easily been on the radio. I wrote the last comment in June July, 2011. I love listening to Ranger Bill and I wish it was on my local Christian Station so I wouldn't have to use my limited time on the internet. Merry Christmas! "

Reply from Ranger Dave:
No, Vern, I'm sorry but Davey and Goliath and Ranger Bill have never been connected in any way that I am aware of. Davey and Goliath was produced in the 1960's by the Evengelical Lutheran Church in America. Ranger Bill was written and recorded in the 1950's and early 1960's at radio station WMBI in Chicago as part of Moody Bible Institute.
I understand that some new Davey and Goliath videos are being produced for the 50th anniversary of the show.
You can purchase any or all of the Ranger Bill programs you hear each week at the Moody Audio website (http://www.moodyaudio.com/for-kids/ranger-bill/)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Emailed Favorites Comments

Jessie wrote to share his Ranger Bill favorites:

"My favorite Characters are Bill, Stumpy, Greywolf and Henry. If I had to narrow it down, I'd say that Bill and Stumpy are the must have characters.
My favorite stories are the Christmas episodes. This weeks is probably my Favorite, followed by the one where Jimmy gets to walk again. Another favorite is Falling Giants. I remember that one because it is the first one I can remember hearing."

Sunday, December 22, 2013

What's Your Favorite?

Tell us what are your favorite characters, actors, stories, or places here on Ranger Bill. Email us or post a comment and we will publish it over the next two weeks or so. Do you like Knotty Pine, Big Pine National Forest, Stumpy, Frenchy DeSalle, Big Brute, the ranger snow car, Dead Man's Gorge?
Tell us!!!
We'll share your comments with the world.

Friday, December 20, 2013

RB201 Christmas Bells

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Dec. 21, 2013 is
Christmas Bells

Policeman Pat O’Roark faces death just before Christmas. He finds strength to live when he hears the church bells ring. When the bells break, only Herman Schmidt, can repair them. Herman has an attack of severe rheumatism and can’t climb the tower ladder to make the needed repairs. Bill and the boys are called on to try to fix the bells.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

RB061 The Laughing Face

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Dec. 14, 2013 is
The Laughing Face

Abe and Jeff run their trap lines around Trappers Landing. Both men are angry because they aren’t catching a thing. Other trappers find strange tracks in the snow. Then all the trappers’ anger turns to fear when they find out why their traps are empty.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

RB060 Decision for Death

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Dec. 8, 2013 is
Decision for Death

Eight climbers on the Savage Mountains (better known as the Refrigerator Mountains) fall into a crevasse. Bill and his rangers are called in to rescue the trapped climbers. Two men have fallen so far that they can’t be reached. Will Bill be able to find some way to rescue these men before they suffer the slow, maddening process of freezing to death?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

RB059 The Man with the Limp

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Dec. 1, 2013 is
The Man with the Limp

The chairman of the church mission board and the chairman of the orphanage board want to remove a man who is member of both boards because he spends too much time in prayer. Meanwhile a mysterious stranger with a limp comes to Knotty Pine causing much talk.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Knotty Pine!!!

Ranger Bill, Henry, Stumpy and Gray Wolf want to wish all their fans a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Friday, November 22, 2013

RB058 Skiers in the Sky

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Nov. 23, 2013 is
Skiers in the Sky

Skiers on a cable car are trapped when the car stops in the middle of the air. Then the cable begins to break. Bill must find a way to get up to the car and get the skiers down.

Friday, November 15, 2013

RB056 The Ice Prison

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Nov. 16, 2013 is
The Ice Prison

Moose McBain braves the 30-degree-below-zero winter cold on foot to tell Bill that he found a man frozen in the ice on Big Pine Lake. The discovery leads the rangers on a hunt for a missing team of scientists who have been trapped in a cave by an avalanche.

Friday, November 8, 2013

RB055 A Lesson in Love

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Nov. 9, 2013 is
A Lesson in Love

10-year-old Tommy Woodruff lives with his grandfather. Tommy sells newspapers and delivers groceries to help supplement his grandpa’s small pension check. A well-meaning woman wants Tommy to have a better life-style, so she calls on a judge to take Tommy from his loving grandpa.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

RB054 Marauder of Goose lake

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Nov. 2, 2013 is
Marauder of Goose Lake

One or more bears appear to be breaking into summer homes that weren’t cleaned of food. The damage they caused means the rangers must find them and get them away from Goose Lake - permanently!

Friday, October 25, 2013

RB052 An Old Horse Learns New Tricks

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Oct. 26, 2013 is
An Old Horse Learns New Tricks

While on the trail, Bill’s horse and faithful friend Storm, falls seriously ill. Bill flies Storm back to town. The vets there can’t seem to help. Bill demands the wisdom of his country vet, much to the city vets’ disapproval.

Friday, October 18, 2013

RB051 Catching a Big Fish with a Small Hook

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Oct. 19, 2013 is
Catching a BIG Fish with a Small Hook

A government scientist, Dr. Orlando, needs Dr. Jonathan Black to be his replacement. But Dr. Black disappeared after a lab accident killed a friend. The Secret Service thinks that Dr. Black is hiding in the Knotty Pine area. Ranger Bill knows someone who may be the missing doctor.

Friday, October 11, 2013

RB050 The Log Jam

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Oct. 12, 2013 is
The Log Jam

It is springtime in the Shady River Valley. The Shady River fills with snow melt and logs from the various logging camps high up in the mountains. Bill calls on the services of Frenchy DeSalle to free up a spring log jam that is causing the Shady River to flood homes along its banks. The jam is so huge that Frenchy may not be able to clear it!

Friday, October 4, 2013

RB049 Nature's Vacuum Cleaner

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Oct. 5, 2013 is
Nature's Vacuum Cleaner

Radio announcer Bart Sneed and Knotty Pine residents ignore warnings from both Ranger Bill and local weathermen to seek shelter from the tornados that are headed for the Shady River Valley. Tornados have never struck anywhere near Knotty Pine before, and no one can believe they will strike now. Is Bill wrong or will lives be lost in the coming whirlwind?

Friday, September 27, 2013

RB048 The Man Who Understood

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Sept. 28, 2013 is
The Man Who Understood

Angus, one of Bill’s rangers, is devastated when his son Steve is hit by a car and killed. Angus is so grief stricken that he wants revenge on the man who hit Steve. The driver is terribly sorry for the accident and understands how Angus feels. Bill must step in to stop Angus from hurting the driver.

Friday, September 20, 2013

RB047 The Broken Promise

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Sept. 21, 2013 is
The Broken Promise

Ezra Newcombe sold his ranch to Todd Stone. Ezra let some teens race their hotrods on his ranch so they could race safely. Todd ignores his promise to let the racing continue. The teens are furious and plan to get even with Todd.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

RB046 The Handcar Race

The HisKids.net webcast of Ranger Bill
for the week of Sept. 14, 2013 is:
The Handcar Race

The Fireball Express with 400 souls aboard streaks its way toward Knotty Pine as rains and flooding threaten the tracks and trestles.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

RB040 Stumpy Gets 30 Days

Our His Kids Radio webcast of Ranger Bill for the week of September 7, 2013 is:
Stumpy Gets 30 Days

After being crushed and gored by a buffalo bull, Stumpy struggles for life. Then later he struggles for the courage to get healthy and return to work. Bill gives the Old Timer 30 days to get back to work or lose his ranger job.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Important Ranger Bill Dates

Ranger Bill Major Dates and Events

1st show - PVF – Monday, 10/2/1950

Note: RB switched from Monday afternoon broadcasts to Saturday morning broadcasts sometime on or before 10/4/1952.

Script 104 – African Animals – Saturday, 10/4/1952

Last dated show RB193 (Fire Bombers) Pink Cloud –Saturday, 5/19/1962

From 10/2/1950 to 5/19/1962 is:

4247 days
11 years, 7 months, 17 days
606 weeks (607 broadcasts)

Ranger Bill was first only broadcast locally by WMBI (and possibly its sister stations) from 1950 to sometime in 1954. RB204 Chief of the Dakotas (probably broadcast Sat., 1/30/1954) and RB179 VIPs Visit Knotty Pine (probably broadcast on Sat., 4/17/1954) seem to indicate that RB went uninterrupted in the transition to national broadcasts.

RB006 (Randolph Thompson’s) The Fire Bug is script #168 (Moody date 8/11/1954). Script #154 would have been the end of year #3 or the beginning of year #4 in October 1953.

The change over from opening #1 to opening #2 appeared to have occurred in the fall of 1959. RB134 Cattle Rustlers of Coconino seems to be the last #1 opening on 6/3/1959. I am guessing that either RB135 Elizabeth and the Stranger (no date given) or RB136 The Crisis (10/21/1959) is the first #2 opening.

There are 228 known episodes broadcast over about 8 years. That works out to about 28 or 29 stories per year (maybe 30 if we assume a few scripts or tapes are still to be found). There was a new show every week for at least the first two or possibly three years.

Some of those like RB179 VIPs Visit KP (The Missing Buffalo Herd), RB085 The Deep Country, and RB092 The Return of Sitting Bull, sound like they were done by different people or were right from the first couple of stories in 1950.

Happy and Blessed Labor Day from Ranger Bill

A “Happy Labor Day!” from Ranger Bill, Stumpy, Henry, and Gray Wolf. Our rangers hope you and your family had a good summer.

The fellas are planning a cookout this afternoon at Bill’s house. Mom has made potato salad and a fruit salad to go with the hamburgers, hot dogs, and ribs the boys are grilling.

Back at Big Pine National Forest, there is change as Bill and his rangers shift gears from summer to fall. Jane Reeves and most of her summer fire tower observers have been sent home for the year. Because of the danger of fires this year, Bill is keeping on a few extra fire watchers till the danger of fire decreases. Bill has also sent his summer backwoods rangers home. Bill’s regular crew of backwoods rangers plus a small crew of weekend volunteers should provide more than enough protection for the fall camping and hiking season. Henry is back in school, but he will still work weekends at ranger headquarters.

Bill would like to offer a prayer of thanks for all the many fire fighters who have been and continue to battle fires throughout the United States and especially for those who have lost their lives in 2013.

Friday, August 30, 2013

RB039 Mrs. Kane Wins a War

Our His Kids Radio Ranger Bill webcast
for the week of August 31 is:
Mrs. Kane Wins a War

The Hill Gang and the River Gang are rivals. These young hoodlums like battling one another on the back of Mrs. Kane’s property just outside of Knotty Pine. She called the police on their latest fight. The gangs plan to resume their interrupted fight the very next night. Then they intend to get revenge on Mrs. Kane herself!

Friday, August 23, 2013

RB038 Set the Record Straight

Our His Kids Radio webcast of
Ranger Bill for the week of August 23, 2013 is
Set the Record Straight.

Two misbehaving boys, Justin and Peter, must stay after school as punishment for working on sports plays instead of paying attention in class. The boys tell their parents that their teacher Miss Anderson is prejudiced against sports because she is crippled. Both of the boys’ fathers want Miss Anderson punished or worse.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

RB037 The Shortage

The ShortageJohn Patterson is the Forest Service accountant for the Northwest District and one of Bill’s rangers. John is a fine Christian and works hard to do a good job. But recently John has been worrying himself sick over an accounting error of thousands of dollars that he can’t find to correct. He won’t tell anyone or ask for help and a federal audit is only days away.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

RB036 Sleeping Death

RB034 – Sleeping Death – Sleeping Sickness infects the Central City area. Local manpower and equipment are not enough to control the mosquito population. The rangers are called in to help spray for mosquitoes, but one large land owner won’t allow the spraying on his land leaving many in danger of infection.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

RB034 Piggyback

RB034 – Piggyback – Dangerous winter weather and complex delivery problems threaten the survival of both Canyon City Truck Lines and the railroad. Len Grant, owner of CCTL, and Spence Neihoff, superintendent of the Knotty Pine railroad district, do not get along and refuse to work with one another. Bill must teach these men how to work together instead of against each other.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

RB031 12 Feet of Danger

The Ranger Bill story for the week of July, 27, 2013 is:

RB031 – 12 Feet of Danger – Zookeepers at the Logan City Zoological Gardens are surprised when snakes are mysteriously released from their cages. When a King Cobra gets out, Bill is called in and calls in his own snake expert. The head zookeeper’s son is suspected of the mischief.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

RB030 Flaming Grass

Ranger Bill for the week of July 20 is:

RB030 – Flaming Grass – Bill issues prairie warnings for Knotty Pine County during a summer with no rain, but farmers and ranchers refuse to adopt fire control measures, so Bill calls in Big Brute for help.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

RB029 Fossil Canyon

Ranger Bill for the week of July 13, 2013 is:

RB029 – Fossil Canyon – Two college students go hunting for dinosaur bones in Fossil Canyon. They are overcome by the heat of the canyon and are unable to get out. Bill and his rangers must find the boys before it’s too late.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

RB028 The River Monster

 RB028 – The River Monster – The town of Rivers Bend builds some new dikes and levees to protect the city and its residents from the flood waters of the Shady River. But dikes can’t protect Rivers Bend from Zack Stephens and the huge log rafts he floats down the river.

Friday, June 28, 2013

RB027 Bobsled

The state championship bobsled races are going to be held at Culver’s Peak. Top speeds are expected to exceed 60 miles per hour! Our rangers will be racing against the Cole brothers and their faster sled. Our rangers have won these races for the last three years running, but the Cole brothers could end their winning streak.

Storybook Room's "Uncle Bob" Devine Passes Away

Bob Devine, "Uncle Bob" to Storybook Room/Nature Corner fans, passed away at the age of 76 Sunday morning. Bob was the beloved morning show host of the Clockwatcher program on Moody Radio station WCRF-FM in Brecksville, Ohio until his retirement in 2000. Bob leaves behind his wife of over 50 years, a son and a daughter, as well as several grandchildren.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

RB026 Henry's Miracle

This is the story of Henry at the age of ten when his world fell apart. First, he is crippled in a fall. Then his mother develops cancer and dies. Then to add insult to injury, his dad becomes gravely ill and may die, which would leave young Henry all alone in the world.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Dead on Arrival" True or False

Cougar Canyon is 35 miles from Knotty Pine. TRUE
Mountain Goats Bluff is 10 miles from Knotty Pine. FALSE (It's 10 miles from Cougar Canyon.)
Bill took Big Brute to rescue the boy. FALSE (He used dog sleds to get there.)
Giuseppe is from Des Moines. FALSE (Henry chatted with a friend from Des Moines)
Bill called for help from Forest Creek and Folsam City. TRUE (They helped locate the ham radio signal.)

My thanks to everyone who participated. Most of your responses were correct. WELL DONE!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

RB025 Timid Timothy

Tim Sullivan has a long history of getting into bad business deals. When his uncle offers him a good job as logging manager, he is afraid to fail once more. Tim’s dad, Officer Mike Sullivan, asks Bill to step in and try to make Tim into a successful businessman. Bill enlists several of his rangers to help Tim. Even Frenchy DeSalle and his lumberjacks get in the act.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

RB024 Ice Pack

The vessel Sea Chaser is trapped in the huge, powerful ice flows near Alaska. When they are unable to contact anyone by radio, the passengers and crew plan a mutiny. Bill and his rangers are called in to find Sea Chaser and bring everyone safely home.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Glacier Cave-In Questions

What character was in the last two stories?
The character was Doc Pike. The good doctor lead the efforts to control bubonic plague along Knotty Pine's waterfront warehouses in "Death on the Waterfront". Bill rushed Doc Pike to the cave at Big Slide Glacier to save Dr. Swift and amputate his leg in "Glacier Cave-In".

Was it Professor Henderson or Anderson or both?
The vote led in favor of it being Professor Anderson. But is but there was no clear winner in this vote.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to vote!

RB023 Dead on Arrival

Henry is a ham radio operator. One evening, his radio picks up a distress call from a trapper and his son in Cougar Canyon. The boy is seriously ill and needs immediate medical attention. But before Bill and Henry can get to the trappers’ cabin, the boy dies. Despite appearances, Bill thinks there is a chance that the boy can be revived.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Did His name change in "Glacier Cave-In"?

There may be a bit of a mistake in this week's "Glacier Cave-In". The Christian professor in this story may have had a mid-tale name change. I believe that his name was Professor Henderson as our story begins. But by the middle of the show I think he was called Professor Anderson.
So what do you think? Did Professor H. become Professor A. or not? Share your opinion and your comments with the rest of us. Are there any other shows where you have heard mistakes or bloopers? Let's have some fun with Ranger Bill Bloopers! I will be sure to post your thoughts right here.

RB022 Glacier Cave-In

A team of archeologists study an ancient cave that was exposed when the Big Slide Glacier moved. The glacier moves again and causes an earthquake and landslides. Bill and Henry are part of a rescue team sent to recover the scientists. One of the scientists, Dr. Swift, is trapped under a slide. Amputation of the doctor’s leg may be the only way to save his life.

Friday, May 17, 2013

RB021 Death on the Waterfront

RB021 – Death on the Waterfront – Six healthy men fall ill suddenly and die. All these men had been in Knotty Pine’s warehouse district along the Shady River recently. Bill thinks Bubonic Plague may be the cause. But how do you stop plague not to mention the panic this is going to create?

This desert dwelling Mexican General Grasshopper reminded me of desert rat Joshua Webb from the Ranger Bill story "Burning Sands".

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Programs on our KeysforKids.net player

Our KeysforKids.net player offers many other fine Christ-centered programs for kids besides Ranger Bill.

Down Gilead Lane, Paws and Tales, Fables of Faith, and We Kids with Mr. Nick are some of the wholesome and entertaining shows on His Kids Radio. Nature Corner and Storybook Room with Uncle Bob and Moody Radio Theater (right now featuring the life of John Bunyan, author of Pilgrims' Progress) are just part of their classic program line-up.

This week on Down Gilead Lane, Haley wants to enter the Miss Rhubarb Festival pageant, but doesn't have a dress, a talent, or the experience to back it up. But with the help Tim and Mary Morrison, Haley is able to compete in the competition and learn with the whole family what it means to support those you love.

And on Paws and Tales – “And Then There Were None” The cubs get interested in King Arthur and the brave knights and lovely maidens of his kingdom. Arthur’s theme of “Might for Right” prompts the kids to make their club rules like Arthur’s. Stacey is the first victim of the rules and gets kicked out of the club. Then everyone except C.J. is out. So what good are laws and rules? And what about forgiveness?

Happy Mother's Day from Knotty Pine!!!

Ranger Bill, Henry, Stumpy, Gray Wolf and all the rangers at Big Pine National Forest would like to wish all you moms out there a Blessed and Joyous Mother's Day.

Ranger Bill would like to thank you moms for the love and care you give to your families!!! May God richly bless all moms as they serve Christ by serving their families.

Bill, Henry, and Stumpy are taking Mom Jefferson out for lunch after church today. Gray Wolf has taken the weekend off to visit with his mom and family.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

RB020 If the Lord Is for Us, Who Can Be Against Us?

Henry’s friend Ted Sloan comes home on leave from the service. He tells Henry and Bill that he is being severely persecuted by his sergeant. Bill shares how he too was persecuted when he was in the service as a navy medic serving with the marines. The marine sergeant thought Christians like Bill were sissies.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

RB019 Sultan, King of Beasts

Sultan is a huge and powerful lion at Kittyland wild animal park. Sultan defies then scares his trainer Flick Martin. Can Bill help Flick find his courage to control Sultan? If not, Kittyland might close and Sultan may be destroyed!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

RB018 Tony's Place

Ed Blake’s gang asks Tony to sponsor them so they can buy baseball uniforms. They vandalize Tony’s Market when he doesn’t give them the cash right away. One boy in the gang, Mike, is willing to stand up to the gang and tell the truth. Then Tony’s store is damaged even worse than the first time. Tony asks Bill for help to stop the violence.

Friday, April 19, 2013

RB017 Overflow

Two days of hard rains plus heavy spring snow melt have combined to threaten Big Ridge Dam. The operators at the dam must open its floodgates soon or the dam will burst. Bill and his rangers have just 3 hours to warn all the farmers and ranchers in the valley below Big Ridge before the gates are opened.

Friday, April 12, 2013

RB016 Hidden Treasure

Lester Winters inherited the family ranch when his dad died. The bank must take the ranch because of some unpaid loans. Les barricades himself in the house behind his rifle. The rangers find some of Les’ missing cattle, but they’re not enough to settle the estate’s debt. Then Bill hears a wild story about buried treasure on the Winters ranch.

Friday, April 5, 2013

RB015 The Hunted

While out on ski patrol, the rangers hear the cry of an unknown big cat. The cat turns out to be a jaguar. Our rangers have their work cut out for them when the cat threatens the cattle on nearby ranches.

Friday, March 29, 2013

RB014 Disaster Alert

A leak from a gas station storage tank dumps 500 gallons of gasoline into the Knotty Pine Bank. Bill and his rangers are called upon to keep the bank and most of Knotty Pine from being blown right off the map. And to make matters worse, state examiners are threatening to close the bank permanently if it can’t be kept open for business during the crisis.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

RB013 The Man Who Couldn't Remember

 A dazed and confused man stumbles into a hobo jungle. The hobos fear the man is wanted by the law so they dump him on a freight train. The rangers find the man singing hymns in an abandoned shack. The man appears to have amnesia and might be a minister. Bill, Stumpy and Gray Wolf begin a fast-paced search for the man’s identity.

Friday, March 15, 2013

RB012 The Eviction of Pa and Ma Skunk

Texans Arnold Fleming and his family have just bought a house at Goose Lake. But there is a problem. Another family is already living in, or rather under, the Flemings’ house, a family of skunks. The Flemings don’t know what to do or who to ask for help. Luckily, neighbor Abner knows just what to do. He calls in Ranger Bill. But evicting these stinky pests may prove to be much harder than anyone could imagine.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

RB011 Death's Half Mile

Just outside of Knotty Pine is an extremely dangerous stretch of highway called Death’s Half Mile. Several accidents happen there every week. Bruno and Eric Allen live there and have been trying to make the road safer for years. Bill, Stumpy, and Gray Wolf try to help the Allen's stop all the death and suffering. Bill must try to convince the 3 men in charge of Death’s Half Mile to make the needed improvements.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some Ranger Bill Early History

I just posted a little information on our Facebook page about a few of the earlier Ranger Bill episodes mostly covering dates from 1950 to 1954. Click on the Ranger Bill on Facebook link on the right side of this page to see that post. I will be posting more Ranger Bill history on Facebook soon.

Friday, March 1, 2013

RB010 Hit and Run

The entire town of Big Pine is shaken and angry when a leading citizen dies in an apparent hit and run accident. Two young hot rodders involved in the accident, Rube and Smitty, fear the town’s wrath. So they run and hide and hope they are never found. Bill and Stumpy investigate the accident and intend to find both the driver and the truth behind this tragedy.

Friday, February 22, 2013

RB009 Bim, the Dog

Bim was a very special dog. His owners, Otto Jorgensen and his two sons, loved him enough to build an animal hospital in his name. Bim killed a rattler threatening the Jorgensen boys. Then he helped rescue young Paul after a bad fall. Later he served his country during World War II and returned home to save Otto.

Friday, February 15, 2013

RB008 They Called It the Jinx

A new bridge is being built over 1200-foot-deep Dead Man’s Gorge. Tom Farris has been called in to be the construction foreman. The construction crew doesn’t want Tom as their foreman. They call him a jinx. He has caused many needless accidents because he pushes his men too hard. Will Tom’s job end as quickly as it has started, or will an accident or accidents jinx the whole bridge project?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

RB007 Miracles

Henry and Freddy go on a hike. Freddy is not a Christian. Freddy wrestles with faith and miracles. The boys need a miracle when Freddy falls into Half Mile Gulley and breaks his leg. Flood waters from a broken dam threaten to drown both boys. It will take a miracle to save them.

Friday, January 25, 2013

RB005 - Burning Sands

Desert prospector Joshua Webb is getting up in years. His doctor has advised him to retire for his health. But the lure of gold draws him back into the burning heat of the desert. Bill and the boys must brave 120 degree heat to rescue Joshua.

Friday, January 18, 2013

RB-004 The Hermit

A hermit moves into an abandoned cabin in Bill's territory. The hermit wants to be left ALONE! And he intends to enforce his wishes behind the business end of a shotgun. A medical emergency requires the expertise of a brain surgeon. Rumor has it that our hermit may be that desperately needed surgeon.

Friday, January 11, 2013

RB003 Getting with the Wrong Crowd

George Bruce returns to Knotty Pine after spending time in reform school. The townsfolk refuse to accept him or give him a hand. Bill gets George a delivery job with Frenchy DeSalle’s logging operation where he loses the payroll money.

Friday, January 4, 2013

RB002 A Boy and a Bomb

Bill gets secret orders to escort bomb expert Hal Dever to the Army proving grounds to test a bomb timing device. Hal is also a single father who pays little attention to his lonely son Jim. The boy takes Hal’s timer and manages to start it ticking.