Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Blackfoot Gift Mystery

Gift Opening Reveals A Mystery

A group of Blackfeet Indians led by Alan Beaver arrived late this morning at Ranger Headquarters to present ranger Gray Wolf with a gift as a small token of Mr. Beaver's thanks for missionary work Gray Wolf and his church are doing among Indians. Members of Gray Wolf's Dakota tribe, Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson, and Colonel Anders, head of the western ranger district, were on hand for the presentation.
Mr. Beaver explained to everyone at Ranger Headquarters, "This clay jar has been in my family for many generations. My family tells me that this jar has probably survived more than 200 summers. Family legend says that this pot is a memorial for two braves who were killed while stealing horses from a group of white men. The legend goes on to say that some things found on the stolen horses were placed in the pot. A lid was placed on the pot and sealed. The jar has not been opened in 200 years and its full history has been forgotten.
"This lovely family relic is now yours, Gray Wolf. Please accept this with my thanks, and please honor me and my family by opening the jar at this time.
Gray Wolf responded, "I am very honored by your gift. I am not worthy of such a valuable family heirloom. It is a beautiful antique. Thank you."
Everyone in the room was excited to see if there was anything inside the jar. We were curious about the legend. Was it true? Who were the white men? Spanish conquistadors, French hunters and trappers, English soldiers?
Gray Wolf slowly and carefully opened the lid on the jar. He reached in and pulled out a possibly silver medal and a small tin box. Ranger Bill encouraged him to open the tin box as well. The box opened with a rusty squeak. Inside was a leather book, a journal possibly of some explorer. There was also a loose piece of paper with a grid of letters and numbers on it. At the top of the paper were the words "Jefferson Code" Ranger McGuire noticed a date "1801" on the medal.
Gray Wolf offered to return these items to Mr. Beaver. Mr. Beaver declined the offer. Alan responded, "The family legend appears to be true. This is the rightful property of the robbed white men or the US people. Gray Wolf, please find the rightful owners of these items and return them."
Gray Wolf agreed. Ranger Bill Jefferson and his staff have pledged to assist Gray Wolf in uncovering this mystery. Stay tuned for more from Ranger Headquarters.

Friday, August 27, 2010

RB-092 The Return of Sitting Bull

John Harrison Sitting Bull, great-grandson of Sitting Bull, is mistreated in college especially by another student, Ormsby. John is so hurt and angry from the abuse that he goes on the warpath and believes he is the original Sitting Bull. John terrorizes everyone by setting several home and barn fires. Sheriff Cal asks Gray Wolf to find John and stop him before he hurts or kills someone. Can Gray Wolf stop this crazed young man? Can he even find this young but skilled warrior?

Some Lakota(Dakota) Words
Sitting Bull - Tantanka Iyotaka
Wolf - Shunkaha or Sunkmatihu
Friend - kola (just like cola)
Friends - kolapi

Sunday, August 22, 2010

RB-091 In The Eagle's Nest

Bill and Lieutenant Larson of the US Aeronautical Survey Team find Old Man Margrave tied up and half dead in his cabin in Lost Canyon. Two thugs, Hawk and Banjo Eyes, did this the old gentleman to get his treasure hidden up in the mountain cliffs. The key to finding the treasure is a notebook hidden in the cabin. So why does Bill want a football uniform, a pilot's helmet, 100 feet of rope, and 10 pounds of beef to find the treasure? How will Bill, Henry, and Lt. Larson keep the two crooks from stealing or destroying the treasure? What is this mysterious treasure anyway? You'll have to listen to find out.

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Gift for Ranger Gray Wolf

Blackfeet Coming to Ranger Headquarters

Gray Wolf, son of Black Wolf, is a Dakota Indian. He and Ranger Bill Jefferson, along with others from Knotty Pine Church have been feeding and clothing the poor and sharing the gospel on short-term mission trips to Gray Wolf's home village. Their work has brought several members of Gray Wolf's tribe to Christ. Word about Gray Wolf has reached other tribes. College students from various tribes have contacted Gray Wolf asking about Jesus.

One new convert to Christ from Gray Wolf's work is Alan Beaver, son of Blackfoot Chief Great Beaver. Alan told the GAZETTE, "I heard Gray Wolf teach about people like Rahab and Ruth. These women were foreigners and were welcomed into God's people by faith and even became part of Jesus' family line. I wanted this kind of God in my life, and I became a Christian."

"I wanted to show Gray Wolf my thanks for sharing the gospel with me. But, I wasn't sure how to do that."

"Later I heard another ranger there with Gray Wolf, Roxanne McGuire, read from the New Testament book of second Corinthians. It said that 'we have this treasure (about Jesus) in earthen vessels', that is jars of clay. That's when I remembered an old clay jar that has been in my family for many, many years. I want to give that jar to Gray Wolf. It may mean even more to him than it does to my family."

Mr. Beaver wants to present his gift to Gray Wolf at Ranger Headquarters here in Knotty Pine to thank and honor him for his work. Mr. Beaver and two others from his Blackfoot tribe should arrive sometime this week. A group from Gray Wolf's tribe will join Alan for the gift presentation at Ranger Headquarters.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - It's Fair Time!

Canyon County Fair
Yes, boys and girls, moms and dads, its time for the Canyon County Fair! As in past years, the fair is being held at the fair grounds south of Knotty Pine on Highway Z. There will be pie eating contests for kids and adults Friday night, tractor pulls on Saturday evening, and a demolition derby on Sunday evening. The 4-H kids will be showing off their projects from crafts to the animals they have raised this year. The 4-H projects will be judged later in the week and awards given on Thursday. There are cows, chickens, horses, pigs, and more in the animal judging.
There will be a model airplane show Monday morning, and the planes will be on display in the 4-H building all week. There will even be a model rocket launch on Tuesday afternoon beginning at 1 PM. Some of the rockets will be taking pictures of the crowds below. So if you hear a rocket take off look up and SMILE.

KP Farmers Market
The weekly farmers market held on Knotty Pine's square in the center of town will be held this week at the county fair. The fresh produce this year is exceptional in both size and quality. You will find fruits and vegetables of every shape and description. Some produce is trucked in fresh that morning from California. But MOST of the produce is locally grown in the tri-county area.

County Agent Frank Simmons along with Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson and his rangers are responsible for organizing such a large group of area farmers for the market.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

RB-090 The Vanishing Mummy

A caravan of trucks carrying some valuable ancient Egyptian artifacts is heading toward Knotty Pine. One of the trucks breaks down a few miles outside of town. An excitable archaeologist, Mr. Peabody, wants the truck fixed right "NOW!" and his artifacts safely delivered to the museum. Mr. Bently Morgan shows up trying to buy the mummy. You won't believe everything that happens in this crazy and funny adventure!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiger Cat

Our mystery guest, the "Tiger Cat," is none other than an OCELOT.

The ocelot is the smallest of the big cats in North America. The Tiger Cat is generally 27-39" long, plus a tail 10-18''. Weight is 18 to 22 pounds. Occasionally much larger ocelots are found. The ocelot is found in South America, Mexico, and southern Texas, but will sometimes travel further north.

Ocelots are also know by several other names, including Painted Leopard, McKenney's Wildcat, and Jaguarete.

In South America, the Oncilla is called the "Tiger Cat." The oncilla looks similar to the ocelot and is about the size and weight of the average house cat.

Friday, August 6, 2010

RB-087 The White Fields

A flu epidemic near Central City has left the farmers there short-handed for the harvest. Bill sends some of his rangers out to help with the harvest. There is a threat of forest fire, so Bill can only send a few men. One of the farmer-rangers, Marty Nelson, feels the need for a career change while combining the wheat, but not to become a farmer. This ranger hears God's call to mission work. Marty wrestles with his call, his loyalty to Bill, and his love for his job as ranger.

This is a repeat of the show aired a couple of weeks ago.