Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Knotty Pine Gazette - Snow Hits Shady Mountians

Deep Snows
Frequent and heavy snows have created dangerous conditions throughout the Shady Mountains. Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson has crews of rangers out looking for avalanche threats. These crews set off avalanches in these danger zones whenever possible.

Goo-oo-ood Skiing
Heavy snows have opened the ski slopes and ski trails across the region since mid-October. All ski runs throughout the Big Six Mountains report good to excellent conditions on all slopes from beginner to advanced. Big Six Ski Lodge reports they are busy but still have ample rooms, parking, and room on the slopes. Skiers should have no trouble finding a hill or trail to enjoy. Big Six Lodge offers skiing classes for all levels of experience. The lodge offers classes twice per day. Skiers can also ride the Big Six Ski Bus to Big Six Lodge rather than drive themselves. Ski buses stop at Knotty Pine, Junction City, and Canyon City. On weekends, buses also travel to and from Central City. Call Big Six Lodge for more details.

Friday, November 26, 2010

RB-106 Terror on Finger River

The Finger River flows out of the Rockies and into the Pacific. Much of the river is a mix of salt and fresh water. That mix makes hunting and fishing along the river excellent. Suddenly, fishing lines are being robbed and hunters are losing their kills to something in the river. The thief appears to be a barracuda, a killer with two rows of razor-sharp teeth and fins. Bill must find this thief and stop it - whatever it is. Can Bill locate our thief, or will terror continue on the Finger River?

Lunch with Bill - Name the Hawks

Ranger Bill likes going outdoors as often as he can. Bill would much rather be on the trail than filling out reports in his office inside Ranger Headquarters. So it probably won't surprise you to know that Bill likes to spend his lunchtime outside enjoying nature. Bill walks to the Knotty Pine square at lunch whenever he can. Sometimes he will bring a bag lunch. At other times he will pick up a sandwich from the deli. In either case, Bill will go and sit on a park bench or eat at a picnic table there in the park that is that's part of the square.
Bill watches the trees and flowers grow and change with the seasons. He often brings seeds and corn to feed the squirrels and birds. Bill can even hold out his hand with some seed in it, and a bird will come and eat right out of his hand. Squirrels will come to his feet and sit and eat.
But one of the biggest thrills for Bill is a red-tailed hawk that calls the park home. The hawk will soar for hours on end looking for something to eat. It will catch a smaller bird in flight, or he will swoop down and grab small animals such as squirrels or mice. The fella found himself a mate, and the two have built a nest on top of Hansen Tower. (That's the 10-story office building that was damaged in the earthquake and killed the construction foreman, George Hansen.)
Bill has found that lots of other folks enjoy just sitting in the park and watching nature. The hawks are every one's favorite. Other folks find sitting in the park as relaxing and refreshing as Bill does. It is a deeply moving time for many. It is even a good conversation starter for Bill. Yes, our Chief Ranger manages to turn sitting in the park and eating lunch into an opportunity to talk about God and His many blessings. The rest of our rangers have gotten into the act as well. It could be that the greatest mission field in Knotty Pine is the park on the square.
Bill and the boys would like to name Mr. and Mrs. hawk. They haven't given either bird a name. What names would you give our little couple? Help Bill pick out names. Leave us a comment or send an email (rangerbillclub@aol.com).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Bill and the boys wanted to take a moment out of their day to wish you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Take just a few minutes to enjoy this week's "Falling Giants".
Stumpy wanted to add, "Howdy! Stop by the station and set a spell."
Gray Wolf says , "Please catch our post on Squanto and Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite stories."

Squanto's Thanksgiving Miracle

Squanto is the Native American Indian who just about single-handedly saved the Pilgrims at Plymouth in 1621. As you may know, the first year, especially the first winter, for the Pilgrims was one of failures, hunger, disease, and death. In that first year, fifty of the one hundred or so settlers to the New World died. The Pilgrims prayed fervently that God would have mercy on them and somehow rescue them from almost certain death. God answered their prayers by sending them Squanto. Squanto somehow knew perfect English. He taught the settlers how to plant corn and other crops, how to catch lobsters and fish, and even how to stomp in the mud to catch eels. Squanto was the miracle the Pilgrims needed so desperately. And so they flourished and thrived and gave thanks to God for His goodness to them on what we call Thanksgiving Day in 1621.
But the Pilgrims were also a miracle for Squanto. His story may be even more miraculous than theirs.
English trading ships were already visiting North America from time to time. A few had even visited Plymouth Bay area around 1600. These visits from traders had been fairly pleasant events for the natives around Plymouth. So when yet another trading ship arrived in 1608, they were warmly welcomed. But these traders were bad men. They stole from the Indians and even kidnapped as few, including 7-year-old Squanto.
The traders sailed to Spain and sold Squanto as a slave. By God's blessing, Squanto was bought by a group of monks. The monks treated him well and wanted to get Squanto back to his tribe. It took five years, but they finally found Squanto a job as a stable boy in London.
The stable's owners also treated Squanto kindly and taught him the king's English. The family promised to send Squanto back to America on the first trading ship going that way. As you might imagine, very few trading ships went to North America. But after another five long years, Squanto was able to book passage to Plymouth in 1618.
When he arrived near Plymouth, Squanto headed directly for home, but his home was gone. His entire tribe had died of smallpox while he was gone. Squanto was devastated. He was now entirely alone. He ran off into the forest to live without a single friend, without any other human at all.
Then the Pilgrims arrived and settled near where Squanto's village had once been. From a distance he saw them starving and dying. He was moved by their plight.
One spring morning, Squanto walked into the Pilgrim camp and offered to show them how to find food and survive. The settlers eagerly took him up on his offer. Then they took him in and gave him a home. Squanto became a deeply loved member of the Pilgrims. So as they feasted on that first Thanksgiving Day, the Pilgrims offered thanks for not only life but abundance, and Squanto celebrated a place to call home.
About a year later, Squanto became ill, and in a matter of days he died. Before he died, Squanto publicly accepted Christ.
This story comes from a Moody interview with author Eric Metaxas. I have done my best to retell the story faithfully. I found several versions of Squanto's story on the 'Net. The details of his age and if he was kidnapped or traveled willingly vary. But in general his story is accepted as accurate. This story so reminded me of Jimmy's Christmas Miracle. I was touched by it especially because it is a fuller story of Thanksgiving.
God bless you today and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Answers to "Fighting Parson" Questions

The question about which Bible verse Spence Fielding quotes got the majority of you. The correct answer was Matthew 18:20. Matthew quotes Jesus words, "Where two or three have gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst." Spence is speaking to Sarah and Eb at his first worship service in Silvertown when he uses Jesus' words. The three of them are the only ones to come to church that day. Everyone else in Silvertown is afraid of the threats from Ox and his gang.
Most of you did get the second question, "Who is Steve?", correct. Steve is a man that Spence nearly killed with his bare hands before he became a Christian. Spence did cripple Steve in that fight. Now Spence often visits Steve. The two have become friends. But the warning words of the judge who let Spence go free from attempted murder charges still ring in Spence's ears.

RB-105 The Falling Giants

Something is wrong, very wrong, with the giant pines in the national forest. The giant pines, some over 100 years old, are falling down for no apparent reason. Bill must close all the roads and trails through the giant pines. Scientists can't find anything wrong with the trees. Bill and Henry must go back into the giant pines to uncover the problem. Will the fellas be able to dig up the reason for the falling giants? Or will Bill lose the giant pines to this mysterious ailment?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving and Ranger Bill

There are three Christmas Ranger Bill stories, Jimmy's Christmas Miracle (last aired in late September), Christmas Bells, and Christmas Pageant with Bill Pearce. No Ranger Bill episode ever focused around any other holiday such as Easter or Thanksgiving. Tell us which Ranger Bill stories best deal with giving thanks in your opinion. We'll share your comments. Just click on the comments link at the bottom of this post to add your thoughts about Ranger Bill and Thanksgiving. Feel free to add your comments about the themes in any RB story - themes such as faith, fear, laziness, and greed.

Friday, November 12, 2010

RB-104 The Fighting Parson

Silvertown is a rough, tough mining town. The miners there spend all their free time drinking and scaring the residents. They have driven five preachers out of the only church in town. The few members of the church ask Bill to find a parson willing to fight - with his fists. Bill gets Spence Fielding, a powerful young man from State U. Can Bill and Spence get Silvertown under control? Or will the drunken miners succeed in destroying the church?

Friday, November 5, 2010

RB103 Water Hot Rods

There's trouble on Beaver Lake. A group of young men are racing their power boats on the lake. Most of them are racing safely, but the boys with the fastest boat are endangering everyone else using the lake. Folks want Bill to stop the speed boating. Bill comes up with a plan to stop the dangerous boating. Then the troublemakers find a way to foil Bill's plan. Who will win this battle of wits? Will Bill be able to protect innocent vacationers on Beaver Lake?

Monday, November 1, 2010

RB-102 The Cruel Man

Basil Rascombe is a successful rancher on the Big Mesa. He is also a man with a big problem, his out-of-control temper. Stumpy and Henry are riding on Big Mesa when they find a badly beaten colt. They care for the yearling and put it protective custody. Basil has Stumpy arrested and taken to court. Basil WANTS the colt back. What can our rangers do to rescue both Stumpy and the colt? Can Bill get Basil to control his temper or will rage rule?