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Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Monday, December 27, 2010

RB-108 The Wrong Valley

Jacq McIntosh is Knotty Pine's blacksmith and one very powerful man. He is usually quite happy and full of joy. He likes to sing worship songs as he works. Trouble visits the McIntosh home suddenly one day with terrible force. His wife Annie is blinded in an explosion, and his son Ernie is badly injured in an auto accident. Jacq is angry with God and feels like Job. Can anything more go wrong for Jacq? Will anger and despair keep Josh in the terrible valley of depression? Can Bill do anything to bring Jacq out of that wrong valley?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Ranger Bill "Merry Christmas"

Merry Christmas and welcome to snowy Knotty Pine! Knotty Pine couldn't look more ready for Christmas. Christmas lights are shining all around town. There is a fresh coating of snow all around. Many businesses are playing festive music. Several churches are broadcasting Christmas hymns and carols or playing their church bells.

Henry, the Old Timer, Gray Wolf, myself and many of my rangers worshiped together both Christmas Eve and this morning on Christmas Day. Of course, Mom also was with me for worship. My family, Stumpy, Gray Wolf, and Ranger Rocky and her family are having Christmas dinner togehter at my home. Henry and Mom bought me a new chief ranger's hat for Christmas. I got Henry a study Bible. I got Mom a morning devotional and some ear rings.

Christmas is a wonderful time to share God's love in the giving of His Son Jesus as a baby. The story of Mary and Joseph, Bethlehem, and the Wise Men is a fascinating and compelling story. I plan to emphasize this today and in the days to come. Please join me in sharing Jesus with someone today and this week. Share the hope that is in Jesus so that other person or persons might enjoy the love of Christ throughout all eternity with God and also with you!

And may Christ, who was born in Bethlehem to save us from death and for Himself, bless and keep you this Christmas in His love and joy!!!

A blessed and joyous Christmas to you and yours!

In Christ,

Ranger Bill Jefferson

Friday, December 17, 2010

RB-201 Christmas Bells

Officer Patrick O'Roark collapses in the street not far from Ranger Headquarters. It's a heart attack and a bad one. Pat is barely clinging to life. All that keeps Pat gong are the Christmas carols coming from the church bell tower. Suddenly the bells go silent, and Pat starts to slip away. Herman Schmidt, the bell repairman, is down with severe arthritis. Can Bill and the boys do anything to get the bells working and help Pat find the will to live?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Did You Know?

Ranger Bill is in charge of over 200,00 acres of various lands - forests, prairies, rivers, mountains and more. He is also responsible for reforesting logged lands and reclaiming mines and their surrounding lands in and around Big Pine National Forest. Bill is in his mid-30s and holds an M.S. in Forestry from Brighton College.
Colonel Anders is Bill's boss and is responsible for over 1 million acres of lands in the Western District.

Friday, December 10, 2010

RB-096 Jimmy's Christmas Miracle

Little Jimmy Benson was crippled in a fall and can't walk . It's just weeks before Christmas. The snow is falling, and Jimmy is full of joy and excitement. A doctor offers the Bensons the hope that Jimmy might walk with the help of a specialist back east. Bill tries to get financial help for Jimmy at church but board member Bert Leason is against it. Stumpy reminds Jimmy's dad Dave of the power of faith like a mustard seed. Can Bill and Stumpy be the start of a miracle for Jimmy and maybe warm the cold heart of Mr. Leason as well?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ranger Bill highlighted in Christmas Musical

Michelle Skolaski sent the fan club this note:
If you live anywhere in the Chicago area, make plans if you can to get to Village Church in Dyer, IN on Sunday Dec. 12, 2010. Village is putting on a Christmas musical entitled "A RadioLand Christmas" that features Miron Canaday and the Ranger Bill story. Miron was a member of Village Church, and the show is a tribute to the heritage of the church, and their long history with Moody radio that continues to today. Also featured will be keepsakes from Ranger Bill, including the costume Miron wore when promoting the show in public, original scripts, etc. To hear a teaser for the show, listen to WMBI Thursday Dec 9th 2010 at 10:30 am - the writer Greg Skolaski will be interviewed by Nancy Turner on This is the Day. Show times on the 12th are 3:00 and 6:00 pm. The show is free, and nursery care is provided. http://www.villagechurch.net - 14849 93rd Ave, Dyer, IN Hope to see you there!

Friday, December 3, 2010

RB107 - Petticoat Rangers

Bill doesn't have enough men for all the work around the national forest. He and his rangers have to work 18 hours a day. Bill has a solution to the problem - women volunteers in the fire towers. The rangers refuse to allow women rangers. Will the rangers work themselves to death or will they give Bill's PETTICOAT RANGERS a chance? Can female rangers do a ranger's work if they get that chance?
In my opinion, this is one of the funniest Ranger Bill stories ever! You get to hear some of Stumpy's funniest and most famous lines! And you get to see a little of what life was like back in the 1950's.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Knotty Pine Gazette - Snow Hits Shady Mountians

Deep Snows
Frequent and heavy snows have created dangerous conditions throughout the Shady Mountains. Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson has crews of rangers out looking for avalanche threats. These crews set off avalanches in these danger zones whenever possible.

Goo-oo-ood Skiing
Heavy snows have opened the ski slopes and ski trails across the region since mid-October. All ski runs throughout the Big Six Mountains report good to excellent conditions on all slopes from beginner to advanced. Big Six Ski Lodge reports they are busy but still have ample rooms, parking, and room on the slopes. Skiers should have no trouble finding a hill or trail to enjoy. Big Six Lodge offers skiing classes for all levels of experience. The lodge offers classes twice per day. Skiers can also ride the Big Six Ski Bus to Big Six Lodge rather than drive themselves. Ski buses stop at Knotty Pine, Junction City, and Canyon City. On weekends, buses also travel to and from Central City. Call Big Six Lodge for more details.

Friday, November 26, 2010

RB-106 Terror on Finger River

The Finger River flows out of the Rockies and into the Pacific. Much of the river is a mix of salt and fresh water. That mix makes hunting and fishing along the river excellent. Suddenly, fishing lines are being robbed and hunters are losing their kills to something in the river. The thief appears to be a barracuda, a killer with two rows of razor-sharp teeth and fins. Bill must find this thief and stop it - whatever it is. Can Bill locate our thief, or will terror continue on the Finger River?

Lunch with Bill - Name the Hawks

Ranger Bill likes going outdoors as often as he can. Bill would much rather be on the trail than filling out reports in his office inside Ranger Headquarters. So it probably won't surprise you to know that Bill likes to spend his lunchtime outside enjoying nature. Bill walks to the Knotty Pine square at lunch whenever he can. Sometimes he will bring a bag lunch. At other times he will pick up a sandwich from the deli. In either case, Bill will go and sit on a park bench or eat at a picnic table there in the park that is that's part of the square.
Bill watches the trees and flowers grow and change with the seasons. He often brings seeds and corn to feed the squirrels and birds. Bill can even hold out his hand with some seed in it, and a bird will come and eat right out of his hand. Squirrels will come to his feet and sit and eat.
But one of the biggest thrills for Bill is a red-tailed hawk that calls the park home. The hawk will soar for hours on end looking for something to eat. It will catch a smaller bird in flight, or he will swoop down and grab small animals such as squirrels or mice. The fella found himself a mate, and the two have built a nest on top of Hansen Tower. (That's the 10-story office building that was damaged in the earthquake and killed the construction foreman, George Hansen.)
Bill has found that lots of other folks enjoy just sitting in the park and watching nature. The hawks are every one's favorite. Other folks find sitting in the park as relaxing and refreshing as Bill does. It is a deeply moving time for many. It is even a good conversation starter for Bill. Yes, our Chief Ranger manages to turn sitting in the park and eating lunch into an opportunity to talk about God and His many blessings. The rest of our rangers have gotten into the act as well. It could be that the greatest mission field in Knotty Pine is the park on the square.
Bill and the boys would like to name Mr. and Mrs. hawk. They haven't given either bird a name. What names would you give our little couple? Help Bill pick out names. Leave us a comment or send an email (rangerbillclub@aol.com).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Bill and the boys wanted to take a moment out of their day to wish you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Take just a few minutes to enjoy this week's "Falling Giants".
Stumpy wanted to add, "Howdy! Stop by the station and set a spell."
Gray Wolf says , "Please catch our post on Squanto and Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite stories."

Squanto's Thanksgiving Miracle

Squanto is the Native American Indian who just about single-handedly saved the Pilgrims at Plymouth in 1621. As you may know, the first year, especially the first winter, for the Pilgrims was one of failures, hunger, disease, and death. In that first year, fifty of the one hundred or so settlers to the New World died. The Pilgrims prayed fervently that God would have mercy on them and somehow rescue them from almost certain death. God answered their prayers by sending them Squanto. Squanto somehow knew perfect English. He taught the settlers how to plant corn and other crops, how to catch lobsters and fish, and even how to stomp in the mud to catch eels. Squanto was the miracle the Pilgrims needed so desperately. And so they flourished and thrived and gave thanks to God for His goodness to them on what we call Thanksgiving Day in 1621.
But the Pilgrims were also a miracle for Squanto. His story may be even more miraculous than theirs.
English trading ships were already visiting North America from time to time. A few had even visited Plymouth Bay area around 1600. These visits from traders had been fairly pleasant events for the natives around Plymouth. So when yet another trading ship arrived in 1608, they were warmly welcomed. But these traders were bad men. They stole from the Indians and even kidnapped as few, including 7-year-old Squanto.
The traders sailed to Spain and sold Squanto as a slave. By God's blessing, Squanto was bought by a group of monks. The monks treated him well and wanted to get Squanto back to his tribe. It took five years, but they finally found Squanto a job as a stable boy in London.
The stable's owners also treated Squanto kindly and taught him the king's English. The family promised to send Squanto back to America on the first trading ship going that way. As you might imagine, very few trading ships went to North America. But after another five long years, Squanto was able to book passage to Plymouth in 1618.
When he arrived near Plymouth, Squanto headed directly for home, but his home was gone. His entire tribe had died of smallpox while he was gone. Squanto was devastated. He was now entirely alone. He ran off into the forest to live without a single friend, without any other human at all.
Then the Pilgrims arrived and settled near where Squanto's village had once been. From a distance he saw them starving and dying. He was moved by their plight.
One spring morning, Squanto walked into the Pilgrim camp and offered to show them how to find food and survive. The settlers eagerly took him up on his offer. Then they took him in and gave him a home. Squanto became a deeply loved member of the Pilgrims. So as they feasted on that first Thanksgiving Day, the Pilgrims offered thanks for not only life but abundance, and Squanto celebrated a place to call home.
About a year later, Squanto became ill, and in a matter of days he died. Before he died, Squanto publicly accepted Christ.
This story comes from a Moody interview with author Eric Metaxas. I have done my best to retell the story faithfully. I found several versions of Squanto's story on the 'Net. The details of his age and if he was kidnapped or traveled willingly vary. But in general his story is accepted as accurate. This story so reminded me of Jimmy's Christmas Miracle. I was touched by it especially because it is a fuller story of Thanksgiving.
God bless you today and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Answers to "Fighting Parson" Questions

The question about which Bible verse Spence Fielding quotes got the majority of you. The correct answer was Matthew 18:20. Matthew quotes Jesus words, "Where two or three have gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst." Spence is speaking to Sarah and Eb at his first worship service in Silvertown when he uses Jesus' words. The three of them are the only ones to come to church that day. Everyone else in Silvertown is afraid of the threats from Ox and his gang.
Most of you did get the second question, "Who is Steve?", correct. Steve is a man that Spence nearly killed with his bare hands before he became a Christian. Spence did cripple Steve in that fight. Now Spence often visits Steve. The two have become friends. But the warning words of the judge who let Spence go free from attempted murder charges still ring in Spence's ears.

RB-105 The Falling Giants

Something is wrong, very wrong, with the giant pines in the national forest. The giant pines, some over 100 years old, are falling down for no apparent reason. Bill must close all the roads and trails through the giant pines. Scientists can't find anything wrong with the trees. Bill and Henry must go back into the giant pines to uncover the problem. Will the fellas be able to dig up the reason for the falling giants? Or will Bill lose the giant pines to this mysterious ailment?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving and Ranger Bill

There are three Christmas Ranger Bill stories, Jimmy's Christmas Miracle (last aired in late September), Christmas Bells, and Christmas Pageant with Bill Pearce. No Ranger Bill episode ever focused around any other holiday such as Easter or Thanksgiving. Tell us which Ranger Bill stories best deal with giving thanks in your opinion. We'll share your comments. Just click on the comments link at the bottom of this post to add your thoughts about Ranger Bill and Thanksgiving. Feel free to add your comments about the themes in any RB story - themes such as faith, fear, laziness, and greed.

Friday, November 12, 2010

RB-104 The Fighting Parson

Silvertown is a rough, tough mining town. The miners there spend all their free time drinking and scaring the residents. They have driven five preachers out of the only church in town. The few members of the church ask Bill to find a parson willing to fight - with his fists. Bill gets Spence Fielding, a powerful young man from State U. Can Bill and Spence get Silvertown under control? Or will the drunken miners succeed in destroying the church?

Friday, November 5, 2010

RB103 Water Hot Rods

There's trouble on Beaver Lake. A group of young men are racing their power boats on the lake. Most of them are racing safely, but the boys with the fastest boat are endangering everyone else using the lake. Folks want Bill to stop the speed boating. Bill comes up with a plan to stop the dangerous boating. Then the troublemakers find a way to foil Bill's plan. Who will win this battle of wits? Will Bill be able to protect innocent vacationers on Beaver Lake?

Monday, November 1, 2010

RB-102 The Cruel Man

Basil Rascombe is a successful rancher on the Big Mesa. He is also a man with a big problem, his out-of-control temper. Stumpy and Henry are riding on Big Mesa when they find a badly beaten colt. They care for the yearling and put it protective custody. Basil has Stumpy arrested and taken to court. Basil WANTS the colt back. What can our rangers do to rescue both Stumpy and the colt? Can Bill get Basil to control his temper or will rage rule?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Illness Becomes Blessing

The GAZETTE reported last week that Kelly Simms, daughter of Knotty Pine's Doc Simms, had been diagnosed with the Marburg virus, a deadly African virus. Kelly had been life-flighted from Knotty Pine hospital to Central City Medical Center where her illness was diagnosed. The GAZETTE is now happy to report that Kelly is recovering from this deadly disease. Doctors are not sure how or why Kelly has survived this powerful virus.
Doc Simms reports that Kelly is sitting up in bed and starting to eat soft food. She should be able to return to Knotty Pine in another week or so. Doc also mentioned that Kelly's recovery may mean great hope for many others who may contract this dreaded disease. Doctors at Central City Medical Center along with doctors from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) are hoping to develop a vaccine for Marburg from Kelly's blood. "Kelly's blood cells have developed antibodies to fight off the Marbrug virus," said Doc Simms. "Doctors at the CDC should be able to create a vaccine to kill the virus from Kelly's blood. There is a good chance that Kelly's illness and recovery may end up saving thousands of lives in Africa. Kelly will soon be giving blood every six weeks or so when she has fully recovered."
Kelly has told her father to thank everyone for their cards and prayers. What the devil meant for evil God has turned to good.

(note: This story actually happened this year to a young lady from Colorado. She is now giving blood to save lives in Africa. Thank God for His amazing grace.)

Friday, October 29, 2010

RB101 Eddie and Mr. Foxy

Mr. Bartholomew is a multi-millionaire. He gets whatever he wants. He meets young Eddie who has been trying to catch a huge trout he calls "Mr. Foxy." Eddie and Mr. B. become instant friends and soon go fishing together. Eddie shares his faith and his love of life with Mr. B. Then something happens to Eddie. Bill asks, "Can money give you anything you want?" What does it get Mr. Bartholomew?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Free Big Six Skiing!!!

I know that many are enjoying a warm fall across the country, and winter is a full two months away. So it may be hard to believe that it has been snowing in many parts of the Rocky Mountains including the Big Six Mountains. There has been steady and heavy snowfall across the Big Six for the last week. As much as 10" of snow has fallen. All of the Big Six ski slopes and ski trails are now open.
Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson informs the GAZETTE that skiing conditions all across the Big Six are good to excellent. His rangers are already out patrolling the region for the usual winter dangers such as avalanche. Ranger Bill says his rangers have seen nothing at all on the slopes to be concerned about at this time.
Big Six Ski Lodge is offering free or discount skiing and ski list passes. Right now, those who book a two-night or longer stay at the lodge for the start of ski season (Nov 15 to Dec 25, 2010) will receive a free ski and lift pass to any of the ten lifts and 35 ski runs in the Big Six area. To celebrate the early opening of ski season, Big Six Lodge is offering discount ski and lift passes good from today to November 15.
The Big Six has ski runs from beginner to advanced, Superpipe for snow boarders, great ski trails, and excellent guided back country skiing. So come to Knotty Pine's Big Six Lodge for some great skiing this fall.

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Woman's Strange Illness

Kelly Simms, daughter of Doc Simms, was life-flighted to Central City Medical Center last week when doctors at Knotty Pine Hospital could not determine what disease was sapping the life from the young woman.
Doctors in Central City were equally dumbfounded by this mystery illness until a group of interns was introduced to Kelly's case. One of the student doctors was a native of Uganda. He suggested that Kelly's symptoms - high fever, lethargy and bruising; looked similar to the Ebola virus he had seen in Africa.
A team from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) was called in immediately. Doc Simms confirmed that Kelley had indeed traveled to Africa on a mountain climbing trip, but over six weeks earlier.
CDC tests soon confirmed that Kelly did contract a hemorrhagic fever, Marburg Virus. Ebola, dengue fever, and Marburg are all diseases in this family. These illnesses attack the capillaries, the body's smallest and finest blood vessels. The capillaries burst causing bleeding that looks like bruises and slowly starve the major organs resulting in death. There is no known vaccine and antibiotics are usually not effective. 80% of patients with Marburg die of the disease.
Doc Simms is asking for prayer for Kelly because only God has the power to heal his daughter.

Friday, October 22, 2010

RB100 The Fur Thieves

Moose McBain's traps are being robbed. Moose lives deep in the forest with his two sons. Trapping is Moose's only way to make a living. While Moose sets one line of traps, someone robs another of his trap lines. He can't catch these thieves or stop them. The thieves even manage to erase their tracks completely. Moose asks Bill and the boys to find and stop the thieves. Who are these thieves? Why are they robbing Moose? Can our rangers find and stop whoever is doing this?

Friday, October 15, 2010

RB-099 The Mystery of Bear Valley

Visitors come from all across the nation to see the many different bears in Bear Valley National Park. The park hotel feeds the bears food scraps at a feeding station for the entertainment of tourists in their cars. Bears mysteriously start falling asleep for no apparent reason. Bill, Ralph, Henry, and Stumpy go to investigate. Will they find the cause of the bears' midday siestas? And can they stop this mysterious need to nap?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

KP GAZETTE - Young Woman's Mystery Illness

Kelly Simms, daughter of Knotty Pine doctor "Doc" Simms, is seriously ill from an unknown illness. Kelly began feeling tired earlier this week, and her entire body ached. Thinking that she merely had the flu, Kelly took off work to rest and recuperate. Her temperature began to rise as a severe fever set in. Doc realized Kelly's fever was more than just a bad case of the flu. Doc took Kelly to Knotty Pine Hospital for observation and testing. Tests could not determine the type of infection causing Kelly's suffering. Hospital doctors began administering strong antibiotics with no change in Kelly's condition. Fearing for her life, Kelly's doctors have chosen to life-flight her to Central City Medical Center for more extensive testing and for a broader range of antibiotics.

The GAZETTE will follow Kelly Simms' fever from her unknown condition, and we will report any changes in her condition and updates from her doctors.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Pioneer Days

This coming weekend October 15-17, 2010 will be Knotty Pine's Pioneer Days Festival. The Festival will be held on the north end of town at the Big Pine National Forest's Visitors Center. There will be folks dressed in early 1800's period costumes, trail foods, as well as a wide variety of displays, maps and charts. There will even be a play area for the kids designed like a stockade-style fort.

Centerpiece for Pioneer Days is a special project planned and directed by high school wood shop teacher Jeff Anderson. Jeff organized the many student and adult volunteers to build a full-sized and fully operational covered wagon. Frenchy DeSalle and his loggers donated the lumber needed for this project. Knotty Pine's blacksmith Jock McIntosh forged all the metal components for the wagon right down to the iron wheel rims. Jock also provided space at his blacksmith shop for the wagon's construction and storage. Skinner McNeil will provide the power for the wagon with his work mules and oxen loaned to Skinner by Mountain Mining Company.

Speakers from State U, as well as several of our own forest rangers will give talks on people and events that played important roles in the growth and development of the western United States. One locally favorite speaker at Pioneer Days will be our own ranger Stumpy Jenkins. Stumpy will be playing the part of Mountain Man Chilkoot. Stumpy will be wearing typical mountain man fringed buckskins and a coonskin cap. Ranger Jenkins will share his knowledge of the often harsh, dangerous and isolated life lived by the hunters, trappers, and explorers of the early 1800s. Chilkoot will tell us what a "rendezvous" was and what it meant to these mountaineers.

Friday, October 8, 2010

RB-098 The Runaway Railroad

Henry hears stories of an antique steam train abandoned way up in the Shady Mountains. The engine belonged to the Three Rs - the Rimrock, Rawhide, and Ragweed railroad. Henry goes hiking in search of the valuable old train. Henry's tough walk is rewarded when he discovers an old engine in a shed. Two men find the train first and are determined to take the engine and sell it to a collector. They tie up Henry and fire up the train to steal it. Will Bill discover the thieves, stop them, AND rescue Henry?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Firefox affects one HisKids player

John S. wrote to share a problem he was having using the HisKids player after a mid-September update of his Firefox software. He said that all or part of the player was missing and that he could not find any place to click on to get RANGER BILL to play. John followed that with this message on September 20th :

There was a new upcate for FireFox, last week. About that time, I noticed
some missing stuff on a local news site, which I had the brouser set for as a
"home" site. The news story pictures are no longer there, & an error message
replaces the picture -- also can't see the radar maps on more than one

And later John wrote again:

I was thinking of taking the computer in for service because there were
several annoying issues going on. My son came over, Saturday & discovered
the most recent update of Firefox came with a default setting to not allow
pictures to be displayed automatically. Change that setting & all the
problems seem to have gone away. This is FireFox Ver. 3.6.10

Please let me know if you run into any similar problems with Firefox or any other software

Share Stumpy's Mustard Seed

I would like to offer a suggestion for you this week. Follow Stumpy's example and give a mustard seed to someone this week.

The Bible reading in my church this morning just happened to be Luke 17:5-10, Jesus encouraging us in the power of faith. Jesus own words are, "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you." That is how Stumpy encouraged Dave in "Jimmy's Christmas Miracle."

Try it today. You probably have a small container of mustard seed among your spices at home. Place some seeds in a small plastic bag and share it with a friend or with someone who needs a little encouragement. Or possibly just give it to someone to share you interest in and love of RANGER BILL. See what seeds of faith may grow from your small gift.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday RANGER BILL !-!-!-!

Yes, it's finally here! Saturday, October 2, 2010, is the 60th anniversary of RANGER BILL !!!! Moody Broadcasting's WMBI began broadcasting RANGER BILL on a Monday afternoon, Oct. 2, 1950, at 4:15PM.

I want to take time to mention some of the people that helped give us the many adventures of Bill, Stumpy, Henry, and Gray Wolf. Miron Canaday was the voices of Bill and Stumpy. Ed Ronne, Sr. was the voice of Gray Wolf. Roger Compton was the voice of Henry. Bill Pearce was the voice of Ralph. Rex Brenner played characters like Frenchy DeSalle each week. Charles Chirstensen and Jim Grant were the show directors. Charles Erkhart and John Rowan were RANGER BILL's talented writers. Miron, Roger, Rex, and Bill Pearce have all passed away. To the best of my knowledge, Ed and Charles Christensen are doing well these days. I don't have any current information on the rest of the cast and crew.

See my July 25, 2010 post on the cast and crew for a few others involved in the show.

And it is thanks to the wonderful folks at HisKids.Net that you can enjoy a different RANGER BILL story each and every week. Please support HisKids.Net with your gifts and prayers.

RB-097 Snow White Stallion

Henry falls in love with a magnificent wild white stallion that he and his friend Pyute see on the prairie. Henry finds a way to capture the horse and keep it in a hidden location. Bill tells him that capturing a wild horse will break its spirit and kill it. Now Henry must decide if keeping his special horse is worth the cost.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

RB-096 Jimmy's Christmas Miracle

Little Jimmy Benson is crippled and must use a wheelchair to get around. It's the Christmas season and Jimmy is full of joy despite his physical handicap. Bill asks a specialist to look at Jimmy who offers the Bensons the hope that Jimmy might walk if he has surgery. The Bensons can't afford surgery. Bill tries to get financial help for Jimmy at church but a member of the church board is against it. Stumpy gives Jimmy's dad Dave a mustard seed and reminds Dave the power of faith like a mustard seed. Can Bill and Stumpy be the start of a miracle for Jimmy? And will that board member block all hope for the Bensons?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ranger Bill's College

Young Bill Jefferson went to Brighton College. Bill goes to Brighton for his class reunion in "Arson at Brighton College" (RB-053), and he takes Henry along. Henry knows the college president's son Ronnie from playing high school football. Ronnie gets into trouble and is afraid to own up to it.

You can download this show from Moody Audio (in our links) for $2.

Thanks to all of you who participated in our poll question. And congrats to all of you who got the right answer. Good job!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

RB-095 The Abominable Snowman

Big game hunter Craig Carstares stalks the elusive Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep while a creature haunts the mountains and frightens folks in Knotty Pine. Everyone is afraid of this beast except Carstares. They think it is the Abominable Snowman. Even Bill, Stumpy, and Gray Wolf are scared when they see its tracks and hear it howling. What is this beast? Can Bill and the boys capture or kill this monster? Is Mr. Carstares safe hunting alone in the mountains?

Friday, September 10, 2010

RB-094 Rogue Elephant

Farms and towns along the edge of the Rockies are suffering the strangest damage - a corn field destroyed, a barn knocked over and a basket of apples taken. Bill is temporarily away, so Gray Wolf and Henry go to investigate the source of all the destruction. When the boys get there, they can't believe their eyes. You won't believe your ears. The question is how to get rid of this enormous problem. The key may lie with a newspaper reporter and a 20-year-old news clipping.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Blackfoot Mystery Jar

Historians Arrive at Ranger Headquarters
News continues to come from Ranger Headquarters at Big Pine National Forest.
Ranger Gray Wolf tells the GAZETTE that archaeologists and historians from State U arrived this week to inspect the medal, code paper, and leather book found in a jar given to Gray Wolf by Blackfoot Indian Alan Beaver.
The historians immediately identified the medal as an authentic silver Jefferson Peace Medal (See a medal at http://lewis-clark.org/content/content-article.asp?ArticleID=350). The medals were used throughout the Jefferson administration and given as token of peace and friendship. The medals were often given by explorers working for the US government to Indian chiefs. The code paper appears to be a copy of the code used by Lewis and Clark in their exploration of the Louisiana Territory. They and their Corps of Discovery were searching for a passage up the Missouri River through the Rockies to the west coast from 1804 to 1806. Careful early examination of the leather book leads the archaeologists to believe this to be an authentic journal of Meriwether Lewis written during that trip.
You and The Lewis and Clark Code
Now you can use the same code that Lewis and Clark used to send messages to President Thomas Jefferson. Below are two websites where you can make a copy of the Lewis and Clark Code as well as instructions on how to use the code to write your own secret messages to your friends!

Blessed Labor Day!!!!

Ranger Bill, Stumpy, Gray Wolf, and Henry want to wish everyone a happy and blessed Labor Day.
Ranger Bill would like to wish all the school children out there a safe and enjoyable school year.
Stumpy says, "Stop by any time. We'll be watchin' fer ya!" And that goes for everyone here in Knotty Pine.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It Can Happen - A Lost River

The Rio Perdito got a new name in November of 2009 - the Listara River. Here is a news report from Earth Times News:
Bogota - The Listara river in northeastern Colombia has suddenly disappeared into a geological fault, the authorities said in the town of San Andres. The mountain river was "swallowed by the earth" in a rural area about 800 metres away from the town of 9,000, in the province of Santander, town officials told the Colombian radio station RCN late Sunday.
Experts in Bogota about 400 kilometres away were called upon to investigate the phenomenon and to establish whether the fault entails a threat to the town.
Henry says there are four places in Columbia called San Andres. As the report mentions, this is a small town in the province (or county) of Santander. There another one in a different province. There is a Colombian island in the Caribbean with that name, and it is in a province of islands also called San Andres. Confusing, no?

Friday, September 3, 2010

RB-094 The River That Wasn't There

A tough cattle rancher and a young vegetable farmer live and thrive along the Rio Perdito (Lost River). Both men depend heavily on the river's water for the health and well-being of the cows and the fruits and vegetables. One summer day the river begins drying up but not because of heat or drought. The men's tempers rise with the fall of the river. Will the Rio Perdito disappear all together? Why is it drying up? Can Bill fix this crazy river or does teenager Henry have a solution from the library?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Blackfoot Gift Mystery

Gift Opening Reveals A Mystery

A group of Blackfeet Indians led by Alan Beaver arrived late this morning at Ranger Headquarters to present ranger Gray Wolf with a gift as a small token of Mr. Beaver's thanks for missionary work Gray Wolf and his church are doing among Indians. Members of Gray Wolf's Dakota tribe, Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson, and Colonel Anders, head of the western ranger district, were on hand for the presentation.
Mr. Beaver explained to everyone at Ranger Headquarters, "This clay jar has been in my family for many generations. My family tells me that this jar has probably survived more than 200 summers. Family legend says that this pot is a memorial for two braves who were killed while stealing horses from a group of white men. The legend goes on to say that some things found on the stolen horses were placed in the pot. A lid was placed on the pot and sealed. The jar has not been opened in 200 years and its full history has been forgotten.
"This lovely family relic is now yours, Gray Wolf. Please accept this with my thanks, and please honor me and my family by opening the jar at this time.
Gray Wolf responded, "I am very honored by your gift. I am not worthy of such a valuable family heirloom. It is a beautiful antique. Thank you."
Everyone in the room was excited to see if there was anything inside the jar. We were curious about the legend. Was it true? Who were the white men? Spanish conquistadors, French hunters and trappers, English soldiers?
Gray Wolf slowly and carefully opened the lid on the jar. He reached in and pulled out a possibly silver medal and a small tin box. Ranger Bill encouraged him to open the tin box as well. The box opened with a rusty squeak. Inside was a leather book, a journal possibly of some explorer. There was also a loose piece of paper with a grid of letters and numbers on it. At the top of the paper were the words "Jefferson Code" Ranger McGuire noticed a date "1801" on the medal.
Gray Wolf offered to return these items to Mr. Beaver. Mr. Beaver declined the offer. Alan responded, "The family legend appears to be true. This is the rightful property of the robbed white men or the US people. Gray Wolf, please find the rightful owners of these items and return them."
Gray Wolf agreed. Ranger Bill Jefferson and his staff have pledged to assist Gray Wolf in uncovering this mystery. Stay tuned for more from Ranger Headquarters.

Friday, August 27, 2010

RB-092 The Return of Sitting Bull

John Harrison Sitting Bull, great-grandson of Sitting Bull, is mistreated in college especially by another student, Ormsby. John is so hurt and angry from the abuse that he goes on the warpath and believes he is the original Sitting Bull. John terrorizes everyone by setting several home and barn fires. Sheriff Cal asks Gray Wolf to find John and stop him before he hurts or kills someone. Can Gray Wolf stop this crazed young man? Can he even find this young but skilled warrior?

Some Lakota(Dakota) Words
Sitting Bull - Tantanka Iyotaka
Wolf - Shunkaha or Sunkmatihu
Friend - kola (just like cola)
Friends - kolapi

Sunday, August 22, 2010

RB-091 In The Eagle's Nest

Bill and Lieutenant Larson of the US Aeronautical Survey Team find Old Man Margrave tied up and half dead in his cabin in Lost Canyon. Two thugs, Hawk and Banjo Eyes, did this the old gentleman to get his treasure hidden up in the mountain cliffs. The key to finding the treasure is a notebook hidden in the cabin. So why does Bill want a football uniform, a pilot's helmet, 100 feet of rope, and 10 pounds of beef to find the treasure? How will Bill, Henry, and Lt. Larson keep the two crooks from stealing or destroying the treasure? What is this mysterious treasure anyway? You'll have to listen to find out.

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Gift for Ranger Gray Wolf

Blackfeet Coming to Ranger Headquarters

Gray Wolf, son of Black Wolf, is a Dakota Indian. He and Ranger Bill Jefferson, along with others from Knotty Pine Church have been feeding and clothing the poor and sharing the gospel on short-term mission trips to Gray Wolf's home village. Their work has brought several members of Gray Wolf's tribe to Christ. Word about Gray Wolf has reached other tribes. College students from various tribes have contacted Gray Wolf asking about Jesus.

One new convert to Christ from Gray Wolf's work is Alan Beaver, son of Blackfoot Chief Great Beaver. Alan told the GAZETTE, "I heard Gray Wolf teach about people like Rahab and Ruth. These women were foreigners and were welcomed into God's people by faith and even became part of Jesus' family line. I wanted this kind of God in my life, and I became a Christian."

"I wanted to show Gray Wolf my thanks for sharing the gospel with me. But, I wasn't sure how to do that."

"Later I heard another ranger there with Gray Wolf, Roxanne McGuire, read from the New Testament book of second Corinthians. It said that 'we have this treasure (about Jesus) in earthen vessels', that is jars of clay. That's when I remembered an old clay jar that has been in my family for many, many years. I want to give that jar to Gray Wolf. It may mean even more to him than it does to my family."

Mr. Beaver wants to present his gift to Gray Wolf at Ranger Headquarters here in Knotty Pine to thank and honor him for his work. Mr. Beaver and two others from his Blackfoot tribe should arrive sometime this week. A group from Gray Wolf's tribe will join Alan for the gift presentation at Ranger Headquarters.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - It's Fair Time!

Canyon County Fair
Yes, boys and girls, moms and dads, its time for the Canyon County Fair! As in past years, the fair is being held at the fair grounds south of Knotty Pine on Highway Z. There will be pie eating contests for kids and adults Friday night, tractor pulls on Saturday evening, and a demolition derby on Sunday evening. The 4-H kids will be showing off their projects from crafts to the animals they have raised this year. The 4-H projects will be judged later in the week and awards given on Thursday. There are cows, chickens, horses, pigs, and more in the animal judging.
There will be a model airplane show Monday morning, and the planes will be on display in the 4-H building all week. There will even be a model rocket launch on Tuesday afternoon beginning at 1 PM. Some of the rockets will be taking pictures of the crowds below. So if you hear a rocket take off look up and SMILE.

KP Farmers Market
The weekly farmers market held on Knotty Pine's square in the center of town will be held this week at the county fair. The fresh produce this year is exceptional in both size and quality. You will find fruits and vegetables of every shape and description. Some produce is trucked in fresh that morning from California. But MOST of the produce is locally grown in the tri-county area.

County Agent Frank Simmons along with Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson and his rangers are responsible for organizing such a large group of area farmers for the market.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

RB-090 The Vanishing Mummy

A caravan of trucks carrying some valuable ancient Egyptian artifacts is heading toward Knotty Pine. One of the trucks breaks down a few miles outside of town. An excitable archaeologist, Mr. Peabody, wants the truck fixed right "NOW!" and his artifacts safely delivered to the museum. Mr. Bently Morgan shows up trying to buy the mummy. You won't believe everything that happens in this crazy and funny adventure!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiger Cat

Our mystery guest, the "Tiger Cat," is none other than an OCELOT.

The ocelot is the smallest of the big cats in North America. The Tiger Cat is generally 27-39" long, plus a tail 10-18''. Weight is 18 to 22 pounds. Occasionally much larger ocelots are found. The ocelot is found in South America, Mexico, and southern Texas, but will sometimes travel further north.

Ocelots are also know by several other names, including Painted Leopard, McKenney's Wildcat, and Jaguarete.

In South America, the Oncilla is called the "Tiger Cat." The oncilla looks similar to the ocelot and is about the size and weight of the average house cat.

Friday, August 6, 2010

RB-087 The White Fields

A flu epidemic near Central City has left the farmers there short-handed for the harvest. Bill sends some of his rangers out to help with the harvest. There is a threat of forest fire, so Bill can only send a few men. One of the farmer-rangers, Marty Nelson, feels the need for a career change while combining the wheat, but not to become a farmer. This ranger hears God's call to mission work. Marty wrestles with his call, his loyalty to Bill, and his love for his job as ranger.

This is a repeat of the show aired a couple of weeks ago.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

RB-086 Tiger Cat

The Browns spot a big cat prowling in their back yard late one evening and call Ranger Bill and his men. Could this be a cougar or a leopard or a wildcat? Or maybe it's just a big house cat and some vivid imaginations. Whatever it is, this cat has everyone in Knotty Pine jumpy and calling Ranger Headquarters. Red, a reporter from the Gazette, wants a story. And he'll pull every trick in the book to get one. How is Bill going to keep the Gazette from printing Red's wild story, calm Knotty Pine's residents, and locate this mystery cat? You'll have to listen to find out.

I mistakenly posted this two weeks ago. This is the correct show for the week of Sat, July 31, 2010.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Knotty Pine Map/RB History

Knotty Pine Map
I thought it might be fun to create some sort of map of Knotty Pine and the surrounding areas based on the information from the 200 or so Ranger Bill stories we have.
Can you place Ranger Headquarters, the police station, city hall, the blacksmith shop, or other cities and towns? How about the Ranger Academy, the Shady River, the Shady Mountains, the Big Six Mountains and Lodge, Frenchy DeSalle's logging camp, or you name the location?
Email me with your thoughts or suggestions for the location of places. Or better yet, draw me a map.
I'll try to assemble your Knotty Pine information into a master map. I'll post all the information we collect.

Ranger Bill/Knotty Pine History
I will also try to come up with a biography of Ranger Bill, Stumpy, Henry, and Gray Wolf. Along with that I'll try to create a history of Knotty Pine. Again, I invite you to contribute whatever you remember about Ranger Bill and Knotty Pine.

Ranger Bill Actors and Crew

1. Ranger Bill Jefferson and Stumpy Jenkins played by Miron Canaday.
You can hear how Miron develops Stumpy's voice in the 1954 and early 1955 shows. He got so good at switching between Bill and Stumpy that he could do it without thinking.
2. Henry Scott played by Roger Compton
3. Gray Wolf played by Ed Ronne, Sr.
4. Frenchy DeSalle, Houseboat Charlie and many, many others played by Rex Brenner
5. Ranger Ralph Carpenter and others played by Bill Pearce
6. Announcer, various rangers, others - Walter Carlson
7. Ranger Jane Reeves, other women and also children - Flo Schmid

Charles Christensen - director
Jim Grant - director
Charles Erkhart - writer
John Rowan - writer
John McComb - sound effects

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dodd almost home from Bolivia

Dodd of HisKids is on his way home from Bolivia!!! When I last checked Dodd on Facebook, he messaged that he was waiting in the airport in Atlanta for his flight to Michigan which was delayed. He should be safely home in a few hours.
Join me in thanking God for a safe trip home for Dodd and for a successful time in Bolivia.

Friday, July 23, 2010

RB-087 The White Fields

A flu epidemic near Central City has left the farmers there short-handed for the harvest. Bill sends some of his rangers out to help with the harvest. There is a threat of forest fire, so Bill can only send a few men. One of the farmer-rangers, Marty Nelson, feels the need for a career change while combining the wheat, but not to become a farmer. This ranger hears God's call to mission work. Marty wrestles with his call, his loyalty to Bill, and his love for his job as ranger.

The Life of the Fire Tower Lookout

July is the beginning of fire season in Big Pine National Forest. The fire towers and especially the tower rangers are critically important to spotting and controlling fires in Big Pine. Ranger Bill keeps in close contact with all of his fire towers every day. You may not know that there are also fire lookout cabins. These cabins are built on top of several of the higher mountain tops and have even better views of the national forest.

Fire lookouts begin their day at 5:30 am. The four walls of their fire towers or cabins are surrounded by windows to give an unobstructed view of the forest. Tower lookouts must go for their daily water from a local stream. Lookouts in mountain cabins must gather and boil snow for drinking water. Cabins and towers are swept and picked up every morning just in case visitors stop by.

This time of year the days are hot and the forest is dry. The lookout must spend 20 minutes out of each and every hour scanning the forest for any telltale signs of fire. Lookouts must pay special attention to anything that might look like smoke.

Rain usually means thunderstorms and lightening. Lookouts each have special lightening stools with glass feet. The lookout must stand on the stool in the middle of the room during a storm to protect from electrocution. Then there is the Osborne Fire finder, a circular topo map with two rotating sights. This is used to locate a fire within 160-acre grid quadrants. The static in the air will make a ranger's skin tingle and make his hair stand up. He or she may see St. Elmo's Fire may roll down tree branches. Rangers may see multiple fires come to life in just a matter of minutes.

Boredom is a problem these rangers and volunteers must deal with all summer long. The isolation can become a major problem for some. Others, such as writers, find the isolation the perfect outlet for their creative side. Mammoth mountains with ominous names, like Desolation Mountain or Terror or Fury, derived from stories from fur traders and Indians add to the stress many rangers feel at times.

If you ever get a chance to meet a fire lookout, whether full-time ranger or summer volunteer, please tell him thanks from all of us for caring for our safety and for the forest.

Monday, July 19, 2010

HisKids' Dodd in Bolivia!

I'm traveling with Compassion International on a Vision Trip and will be working with Cornerstone University Radio in hopes of helping our listeners show God's love by sponsoring children to release them from poverty in Jesus' name.


--> Dodd

Please join me in praying for Dodd as he travels with Compassion International. Ask the Lord for a safe and successful trip to help children of poverty and that the gospel would be spread through this work.

In Christ,
Ranger Dave

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - "Construction" Projects

Two unusual construction projects are slated to begin immediately here in Knotty Pine.

Skiing in July
Paul Alexander, owner and manager, of the Big Six Ski Lodge has a little construction project planned for a ski run this week to cap Knotty Pine's Christmas in July celebration. Paul has all available dump trucks, a steam shovel, a front loader, and a couple bulldozers moving snow from the tops of the Big Six Mountains to the lodge's biggest and most popular ski run. Paul says that he is planning to pack over a foot of snow on the hill. He expects that the snow should last over a week before totally melting.

Squirrel Bridges

Some of the boys in Henry Scott's scout troop have found a new use for old fire hoses - as bridges for squirrels over some of the major roadways in and around Knotty Pine. The boys read that people in other cities were saving squirrels' lives by making bridges for squirrels over busy roads. One city is attaching old worn-out fire hoses to trees across busy roads and above the tallest vehicles. These squirrel bridges should greatly reduce the squirrel traffic deaths. The hardware to hold these hose bridges is relatively modest in cost and will hold firm for years to come. So Henry's troop started checking with some local fire departments and found a wealth of old hoses that are no longer safe for fire fighting. Knotty Pines' firefighters are quite willing to donate their old hoses. Several wildlife enthusiasts in town also support the project. City Council has given its conditional approval to the Squirrel Bridge Project, as it is officially named. Final approval from the county engineer is needed to get the scouts' project under way.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smallest Wild Area Residents Hikes

Rangers Gray Wolf and Stumpy Jenkins will be leading hikes throughout the summer to highlight little-known aspects of Big Pine National Forest. The rangers are excited to share some of the smallest residents of the Shady Mountains. Two of their favorite little residents are pikas and calliope hummingbirds.

Gray Wolf says that the pika is a small hamster-like animal related to the rabbit and hare. The pika is roughly three-quarters of an inch long with a one-eighth inch long tail. It's ears are short and rounded. Also called coney or rock rabbit, the pika lives in between and under rock fields above the tree line This means that Gray Wolf will be taking hikers on a high-altitude walk up the Shady Mountains to hunt these small mountain farmers. Yes, farmers. Pikas are most easily found by locating their haystacks. Pikas eat grasses, moss, and lichens that grow above the tree line. Pikas cut and stack grasses into haystacks to dry. When dry, pikas bring their haystacks inside their burrows to eat during the winter months. Gray Wolf says that he never tires of watching rock rabbits scamper about cutting and stacking grass into haystacks.

Stumpy and Gray Wolf will also be taking hikers to see the calliope hummingbird on the small mountain residents hikes. The calliope hummingbird is the smallest hummingbird found in North America. Adults weigh only 2.5 to 3 grams. They drink flower nectar and eat small insects. These birds are dark green in color with a white chest. Males have red streak on their necks. Calliopes prefer to build their nests in shrubs that grow along or near streams or highways. They live in the higher elevations of the US and Canada in summer and migrate into Mexico during the winter, often traveling more than 3,000 miles in one direction. Calliopes have been found at elevations at high as 11,000 feet.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RB085 The Deep Country

Colonel Anders and his wife are late returning from their California vacation. The colonel's assistant Walt and the colonel's daughter drive Bill crazy with all their worries and fears. Bill believes that the Anders' car may have been found far into the back country, in the deep country. The colonel's daughter, Walt, and the folks living in the deep country make Bill's job of finding the colonel nearly impossible. Will Bill locate the colonel and his wife - before it's too late?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday USA, Happy Birthday RBFC

Thank You Everyone!!! While our land is celebrating 234 years as a nation, the Ranger Bill Fan Club is celebrating 60 years of Ranger Bill broadcasts. And the Ranger Bill Fan Club is also celebrating turning 8 years old yesterday. And it's all because of the interest of each and every one of you who listen to Ranger Bill. Whenever you stop by this website to listen to the week's story or catch the latest news from Knotty Pine or write to say "Hi" or to ask a question you make this website what it is today. Many of you have shared tapes or CDs of different shows that I did not have. Some have passed along information about Ranger Bill's cast and crew. Some are looking for Ranger Bill CDs. Thanks to each of you for your interest in Ranger Bill and for your support of the fan club and this website.

It's hard to imagine that it has been eight years ago on a quiet 4th of July evening that I sat down to create the RBFC and design a simple web page to share what I had learned about Ranger Bill and looking for more Ranger Bill information and recordings. I have met hundreds of you through letters and emails. And I continue to learn new and fascinating information about the show, parks, forests, rangers, and the wilderness. And I promise to continue to work hard to learn and share what I learn with you.

My greatest thanks goes to HIS KIDS Radio who so generously share Ranger Bill with us each and every week. The popularity of this page is due in large part to being able to offer you Ranger Bill through their player 24 hours a day, 7 days each week.

As I began, I would like to conclude this. Thank you, everyone, for your support of and interest in Ranger Bill! God bless and keep listening!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!! from Knotty Pine

Ranger Bill Jefferson, Stumpy, Gray Wolf, Henry, Ralph, Rocky and all the gang from Knotty Pine and Big Pine National Forest want to wish everyone a "Happy 4th of July!!!"

Please take time this weekend to remember the sacrifices made by so many brave soldiers to preserve the blessings of peace and freedom that we have enjoyed in the USA for more than 200 years. And thank the Lord God for giving us national peace despite so many threats to that peace. Above all, thank God for the supreme peace we have with Him through faith in the death of Jesus on the cross.

Knotty Pine is celebrating the Fourth with a BIG fireworks display this Saturday night at 9:00 PM. The fireworks are being sent up from Jock McIntosh's welding shop property north of Knotty Pine's downtown. The fireworks display can be best viewed from Knotty Pine's square. On-street parking as well as parking in all downtown parking lots is permitted for the evening's show.

Big Pine National Forest will be open throughout the holiday weekend. Ranger Headquarters, all camping areas within the forest, as well as the visitors center and the Chuck Wagon food center will be open during regular hours. Ranger Bill has deputized several local residents as volunteer rangers for the weekend to help with the expected crowds and to give the rangers a little free time with their families and loved ones. Frenchy DeSalle and some of his loggers are some of the weekend rangers. Dick and Bob "Unc" Mitchell with their three tugboats will handle policing Shady River traffic and river fire control for the 4th.

Friday, July 2, 2010

RB084 The Flying Game Warden

Every ranger wants Arnie Nelson's cushy job as flying game warden, including Bill. Arnie takes a month's vacation, so Col. Anders makes Bill the flying game warden. Bill and his rangers find out Arnie's job isn't so easy. Bill must cover a huge section of forest, lakes and rivers, as well as protect and rescue both vacationers as well as the wildlife. And there are poachers, especially the Bixon family. Find out with Bill and the boys just how hard and dangerous the flying game warden's job really is!

Friday, June 25, 2010

RB083 Ten Fathoms Deep

It is the heart of winter in Knotty Pine. Townsfolk are tired of the cold and snow and are suffering from cabin fever. Fortunately, it's also time for the Knotty Pine Ice Festival!!! Festival events include bobsledding, skiing, ice fishing, and much, much more. Bill and his rangers are handling contest judging, security, and safety. See just how much fun and trouble the folks of Knotty Pine can have when they finally get a chance to get outside and play after being stuck indoors during a long and cold winter.

Friday, June 18, 2010

RB082 Mr. Sunshine

Herman Weber is a middle-aged man who is retired from the railroad. He loves to share his faith with acts of kindness in and around Knotty Pine. Herman hands out Bibles, pamphlets, and devotional books for his church and visits prisoners in the Knotty Pine jail. He is adored by all the children at the orphanage. The children gave him his nick-name, Mr. Sunshine. A few Knotty Pine residents object to Herman's evangelism work. They work hard to silence him. And besides, Herman hides an important secret about himself. Will these folks be able to stop Mr. Sunshine? Will Herman's secret come out? See how Bill tries to help Mr. Sunshine.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tug Trivia

Tugboats are used to pull or push ships and barges into and out of docks in ocean ports as well as river harbors. These mighty boats may also move disabled ships and oil platforms. They may also be used as icebreakers or salvage boats. Tugs were some of the first ships to be steam powered and today are now diesel powered. Many are now fitted for firefighting duty as well as their regular hauling duties.
A tugboat is designed for great might in a relatively small package. Most tugs use two separate engines and propellers. This two engine design ensures that the tug will be able to get a ship or barge to its destination without a breakdown that would require another tug to finish the job. Two engines also mean more power to do the work. Tugboat engines are usually 680 to 3,400 horsepower (Hp) each. Some large tugs even sport 27,000 Hp engines! Such engine power comes from engines that are also used in locomotive engines. Some tugs are even made just like railroad engines. These tugs use the diesel engines as electrical generators that run electric propeller motors.
Standard tugs use a hawser to pull ships. A hawser is a large, flexible steel or fiber rope. A standard tug has a pointed bow to give it good control in ocean waters as well as is rivers.
Notch tugs are designed to fit into a special notch in the rear of a barge, effectively making the two into one ship. An empty barge is less stable and controllable than one that is loaded, so notch tugs have a winch like a standard tug to pull empty barges.
There is a third category of tugs that is even more closely attached to its load than the rest. ITB, integrated tug and barge, and ATB, articulated tug and barge, are two methods of actually connecting tug to barge that make the two into one ship. In an ITB, the tug is locked solidly to a barge so that the tug and barge don't move against one another. In an ATB, the tug is firmly connected to the barge on pivots that allow the tug and barge to twist and rock against each other to reduce forces on both tug and barge caused by the wind and waves.
Notch, ITB, and ATB tugboats have flat bows rather than the pointed bows, allowing the tug to safely exert all of its power pushing against a barge while spreading the force across a long flat edge on both vessels.

Friday, June 11, 2010

RB081 The Tugboat Cowboy

Bob "Unc" Mitchell and his nephew Dick own the Inland River Barge Company in Junction City. The Mitchells run a couple really big tugboats up and down the Shady River. Dick is a smart boy with good knowledge about tugboats. Dick has several ideas for improving the tugs as well as their barge business, but Unc isn't interested in any of them. Dick is ready to quit the tugboat business. Can Bill step in and settle this family dispute, or will Dick quit the business and leave Unc?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

RB080 The Road to Fame

Young Todd Dalgrin wants to become famous - any way he can. Todd decides its easier to become famous by causing trouble all around Knotty Pine. He goes hunting without permission and causes damage all over town. Todd's dad asks Bill for help. Then Uncle Sam steps in and drafts Todd. Things go from bad to worse in the Army. Todd's commander and his dad both ask Bill for help. What can Bill do for Todd and the US Army?

Monday, May 31, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day Parade
The Knotty Pine Memorial Day Parade will begin this morning at 10:00am. The parade route this year is the usual town parade route. The parade organizes and begins at the Ranger Headquarters/Visitors Center parking lot at the north end of town, goes south along Main Street past Jock MacIntosh's blacksmith shop, travels around the town square, and proceeds east along Center Street to Knotty Pine Cemetery. There will be a short memorial worship service with placing of wreaths at the end of the parade at roughly noon. The service will be at the Armed Services Memorial inside the cemetery.

Ranger Headquarters, Big Pine National Forest
Ranger Bill would like to wish everyone a "Blessed Memorial Day." As you may know, Ranger Bill served his country as a Navy Medic assigned to a Marine unit. For the details of Ranger Bill's military service listen to "Bim, the Dog" (RB009) and "If the Lord Is for Us, Who Can Be Against Us?" (RB020).

Saturday, May 29, 2010

RB006 The Fire Bug

The railroad engines in Randolph Thompson's Red Valley Freight Line are threatening to burn up all the trees in Giant Pine National Park. Many of Thompson's engines are old coal-fired steam engines. Randolph pushes the engines hard so that they belch out volumes of smoke and sparks, setting the nearby dry forest ablaze.
Ranger Bill tries to get Thompson to either stop using the old coal burners or put spark arresters on their stacks. Thompson will not cooperate. What can Bill do to protect the forest and save the giant pines?
How does Bill live the Christian life in this story? Is anyone affected by Bill's actions and how?

Friday, May 28, 2010

RB076 The Salesman

Bill saves a child who wandered into the street and is hit by the car himself. Bill is slightly injured and needs just a little rest at home. Gill Major, an insurance salesman, visits Bill to try to sell him life insurance. Bill turns the tables on Gill and tries to sell him Eternal Life Insurance. Gill is not a Christian and has no interest in eternal life insurance. But can Gill ignore insurance whose premium was paid in full 2000 years ago, provides protection after death, guarantees the insured eternal life, and the insured person is the beneficiary? See the Spirit at work in Gill through Bill's words.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Houseboat Charlie" answers

Congratulations to those of you who participated in our "Houseboat Charlie" poll questions. You did very well, especially on the second question. The first poll was "Pick Houseboat Charlie's Partner." The second was "What is the Rangers' Trail Work?"

Charlie's partner was Cougar West. The majority of you answered correctly. The second most popular answer was "Junior". Junior was Charlie's great-grandson who helped Charlie on the ferry. I can see where some may have felt that Junior was Charlie's new partner since Cougar was gone. So I give you 90% credit if you chose Junior as Charlie's partner.

The vast majority of you got the second poll question right. There were three correct answers from the statement Gray Wolf made at the beginning of the story; "inspect fire lines and trails", "watch and count animals", and "check tree health". While "removing predators" and "marking new trails" is ranger work, they were not part of the boys spring trail inspection work in this story. Also Henry mentioned on his bus trip that the rangers never "removed beaver dams". God gave the beavers the instincts to build their dams in places that would benefit from the small lakes they create.
Thanks to all of you who participated in our Houseboat Charlie poll. You did a great job listening to the show and answering the questions!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

RB071 A Dog's Worst Enemy

Folks around Knotty Pine are simply furious. Dogs all around town are getting sick and dying. Even the fire station's mascot is found dead. It looks like all the dogs have been poisoned! Retired mailman, Abe Gorgon, is the main suspect. Abe hates dogs. They have attacked him many times. Now the citizens of Knotty Pine want to tar and feather him or worse! How are Bill and Stumpy going to protect Abe from an entire town? Is Abe guilty of poisoning dogs? How will Bill be able to prove whether Abe is guilty or not?

Friday, May 14, 2010

RB070 Houseboat Charlie

After weeks on the trail, Bill and the boys head for home. They spend some time with Houseboat Charlie, who runs the ferry across the Shady River at Misery Crossing. Charlie shares some hair raising stories of the old west.
It's been a very rainy spring and the Shady is close to flood stage. Huge thunderheads threaten flash floods on the Shady. And frost threatens local fruit crops. The rangers jump on their horses and ride to warn the farmers and ranchers along the Shady. Will Bill and the boys be in time to save residents? Will the people listen to the warnings? Can Bill save both the people and crops?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Native American Sign Language

Question: How would a Native American sign "mountain lion"?
Answer: You would sign "cat", "long tail", and "jump".
To sign "cat" or "flat nose" you push up your nose with the thumb and index finger of your right hand. For "long tail", you point with your right index finger from the base of your spine down and away as if you were pointing out your tail. To sign "Jump", put your right fist near your right shoulder, then move it up an away from you in a vertical arc as though it were jumping or hopping.

Question: How would you sign "what is your name?"
Answer: First sign "question" which is to hold up your right hand shoulder high and turn your wrist back and forth almost like asking a question in school. Then sign "your name", which is make an "O" with your right hand, touching your thumb and index finger together, then point your right index finger at the person in question.

Go to our Ranger Bill page on Facebook to learn a little about smoke signals.

Friday, May 7, 2010

RB077 Henry's Bus Trip

Henry is returning to Knotty Pine after spending some time in the east. He is riding by bus and meets several nice people who have all kinds of questions about Knotty Pine and the forests and mountains surrounding it. As the bus enters mountain country, heavy rains cause landslides that block the highway. The bus driver takes the old highway to get around the slides. More heavy rains wash out the old highway in front of and behind the bus, trapping everyone miles from Knotty Pine or even a fire tower. The driver and Henry's fellow passengers look to Henry for ideas on how to get out of this mess. But it looks like there is no way out. What can teenage Henry do to save these stranded people, including himself? Henry begins with prayer.

Friday, April 30, 2010

RB075 Rabies Scare

Bill and Henry find a sick animal on the road. It's a wolf with rabies. Bill must shoot the wolf to protect townsfolk from the dread disease. The boys must rush to find and rescue young jogger Don who is being attacked by a fox with rabies. Then Bill must protect the grade school nearby and find a way to get the children safely home. More rabid animals appear near the school. Bill has all kinds of problems getting the school children to safety. See how Don finds a way to help Bill and rescue the children.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - planting and digging

Farm News - Planting
Farmers are busy plowing their fields and planting the seed that will yield this year's grain and vegetable crops. The state department of agriculture tells the GAZETTE that 41% of planting has been completed statewide. Farmers in the north end of the state are behind the average because of wet and cool conditions there. The south portion of the state is generally dry and warmer. South farmers are ahead of the average.
Dairy farmers surveyed across the state seem pleased over recent prices for milk and cheese. Knotty Pine area dairymen are planning to increase their herds or hold herds' sizes steady.
None of the local fruit growers in the tri-county area are planting new trees, except to replace old or damaged trees.

Blue Mountain - Digging
Work has begun on the long-anticipated Blue Mountain Tunnel. A railroad track was laid from the main spur east of Knotty Pine to the north side of Blue Mountain. Workers for Big Rock Mining Co. have blasted a entry hole roughly 10 feet into the face of the mountain. The company's tunnel boring machine (TBM) "Big Alice" is expected to begin boring inside the blast hole this week. Big Alice arrived at Blue Mountain by train weeks ago. The TBM came in sections that had to be bolted together for boring. Big Rock president Sam Flemming tells the GAZETTE that Alice's assembly is now complete and she is ready to start digging this week.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Knotty Pine Area Photos

If you like this shot of a local resident, a mountain lion, then stop by our Ranger Bill page on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=60851447435). I have posted some shots of last winter's "bit of snow" near Knotty Pine, some other KP residents, and the mountain grandeur of the Rockies. Also there is a photo of the ranger school from the "Ranger Factory".

Friday, April 23, 2010

RB074 The Ranger Factory

Ranger Bill is off to the Ranger School but not to take refresher classes. Bill is taking over for Monty Westfield, commandant of the school, while he is on vacation. Monty has three recruits with fears they can't overcome. Monty is hoping Bill can help these three young men with their problems. Bill has just a month to work with these three while running the ranger school. Will Bill have the time and patience to accomplish everything Monty has for him? Will our recruits make it or drop out of ranger school? Join Bill for all the action and excitement this week.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Knotty Pine Gazette extra - Lost Canyon discovery

Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson and his men have uncovered the mystery of Lost Valley the GAZETTE reported Easter weekend. Hikers and campers near Lost Valley reported seeing what appeared to be huge flying squirrels or bats or even ghosts flying at high speeds near the cliff walls. Lost Valley is home to retired Dr. Margrave and the region's few families of bald eagles. The valley is famous for it's strong "ghost winds" of Indian lore.
Rangers Investigate Sightings
Ranger Bill sent two of his best rangers Stumpy Jenkins and Gray Wolf to the valley to investigate the sightings. The rangers saw no bats or ghosts but did find signs that someone had been on some cliffs and camping there as well. Ranger Bill called the Army's Lt. Larson, who does areal patrols north of Knotty Pine. Lt. Larson informed Ranger Bill that many army parachutists were using suits that look like bat or flying squirrel suits.
Sky Divers Seen
After making several phone calls, Ranger Bill discovered that a couple of sky diving/base jumping organizations were indeed using Lost Valley for jumping on occasion. The Big Sky Jumpers invited Ranger Bill and his men for a demonstration of their skills. The divers showed and explained the use of the bat suits (also known as squirrel suits or birdman suits). Then they showed the rangers their latest gear, strap-on carbon fiber wings similar to hang glider wings. These new wings give the jumpers a longer glide times and the ability to travel many miles before landing.
Ranger Bill told the jumpers that they would need permits to jump in Big Pine Forest or anywhere in his ranger district from now on. The jumpers had been unaware the Lost Canyon region was part of the national forest district.

Happy Earth Day from Knotty Pine

40th Anniversary Earth Day
Ranger Bill, Stumpy, Gray Wolf and Henry want to wish everyone a happy Earth Day weekend. This is the 40th anniversary weekend of the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970. Bill suggests that you plant a tree, clean up a park area, or attend an Earth Day display as a part of this weekend.
Knotty Pine Display
A Knotty Pine's Earth Day celebration and display is in the Big Pine visitors center next to Ranger Headquarters. Ranger Rocky McGuire assembled the Big Pine display. She will be on hand at the Big Pine display from 10AM to 4PM Saturday and Sunday with brochures and fliers for the public. Rocky is showing how rangers protect Big Pine through pollution control, soil erosion work, and through carefully planned tree harvesting and planting.
First Earth Day
U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin announced his idea for a nationwide teach-in day on the environment in a speech to a fledgling conservation group in Seattle on 20 September 1969, and then again six days later in Atlantic City to a meeting of the United Auto Workers. Senator Nelson hoped that a grassroots outcry about environmental issues might prove to Washington, D.C. just how distressed Americans were in every constituency. Interest in an environmental day grew rapidly. Teach-ins were organized in many states. Congress was even closed that week in April 1970 so senators could speak at events planned for their states. The teach-in was a huge, overwhelming success. So were the many grassroots displays around the country.
Today over 140 countries celebrate an Earth Day or Earth Week.

Friday, April 16, 2010

RB079 The Loudmouth

Bill has his hands full this week with a know-it-all rookie ranger, Jerry Sands. Jerry thinks very highly of himself and doesn't respect the experience of Bill, Stumpy, and Gray Wolf. The fellas get tired of Jerry's big ego and lack of respect for others. Bill and the boys decide to teach Jerry a few lessons about the forest. See what the boys do to try to wise-up Jerry. See what kind of trouble Jerry gets into during these "lessons." Will Jerry ever learn to be a real ranger?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ranger Bill on Moody Audio CDs and mp3

Moody Audio (http://www.moodyaudio.com/) offers 220 Ranger Bill 30-minute shows on mp3 CDs and as mp3 downloads. CDs #1-4 contain most of the Ranger Bill stories you hear each week right here at the Ranger Bill Fan Club website on our HisKids.net audio player. CD #5 contains several Ranger Bill stories you won't catch here or anywhere else except on this CD. Volume 5 contains the following stories that I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy:
Chief Of The Dakotas - (Gray Wolf's tribe wants him to quit the rangers and become their chief.)
Swinging Tower Of Eagle's Rest - (Visitors stop to see the fire tower that sways in the high winds there. But more goes on there than high winds.)
The Hot Million - (Hot, dry weather combined with high-power lines carrying millions of watts of electricity threaten the forest beneath.)
A Miss Is As Good As A Mile - (Bill and the boys get into some exciting adventures while driving around in their ranger "car" that rides on skis and has a propeller.)
One Million Years Ago - (Live dinosaurs are seen roaming the Bad Lands. A suspicious archaeologist and his assistant are the only people not scared by the huge beasts.)
Muscle And Prayer - (Frenchy is afraid when he finds animals crushed to death. He knows it is Boris "The Bear," the man who killed his father, looking for Frenchy.)
The Spirits And The Spirit - (Bill, Stumpy and a friend take a South American vacation to see the ruins of an old fortress that natives believe is haunted.)
The Church At Bent Creek - (A young parson tries to restart a closed church. But residents think the building is haunted or cursed. See what strange things go on inside the church building.)
The Town That Wouldn't Move - (The state wants to build a new hydroelectric dam. Townsfolk refuse to leave the only place they have ever called "home.")
Also included are these Christmas favorites:
Christmas Bells
Christmas with Bill Pearce

RB-078 The Outsider

Bill's blood is boiling! A gang of boys is killing birds all around Knotty Pine. Bill believes that the gang killed dozens of birds in just one afternoon! Skinny, a lonely boy, is trying to join the gang but doesn't like the bird shootings. What can Bill do to stop the gang and protect the birds and animals? Can Bill help Skinny, an outsider, find friends in Knotty Pine?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blessed Easter to All!

I would like to wish everyone, old fans and new and especially the RB cast and and crew, "Blessed Easter!!!" May the joy of Jesus' resurrection this Easter season fill your hearts and minds to overflowing and bring you to a closer relationship to your Lord and His Word.

Blessings to you in Christ,

Ranger Dave

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Easter Edition

All Knotty Pine area residents are invited to attend a joint Easter worship service at sunrise (7:00AM) Easter morning on the square downtown. A combined choir from the various churches will be singing throughout the service. An organ and other instruments will be accompanying the congregation in song thanks to a special stage with electricity provided by the city utilities department.
All the churches will be having regular Easter worship at various times throughout the rest of Easter 2010 morning.
Maple Town Farm is hosting its very first maple syrup festival throughout the month of April. The Chapman family moved to Knotty Pine from northeastern Ohio several years ago. They missed the maple syrup from the sap of the sugar maples that grow so well in the Northeast. So the Chapmans decided to bring the Northeast to Knotty Pine by planting sugar maples in a valley almost identical in climate to their old Ohio home. The trees have thrived and grown and are now providing enough sap each spring to boil into maple syrup and candy. By the way, the Chapmans are distant relatives of John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed.
Mapletown Farm is located 50 miles south of Knotty Pine on Highway "Z."
Lost Valley is home to some of the state's few bald eagle nests. The sole guardian of the eagles is retired professor Dr. Margrave, who is studying birds as well as keeping watch over them. Dr. Margrave sees only the occasional hunter or camper or fellow bird watcher. But a group of scouts camping not far from Mr. Margrave believe they saw what appeared to be giant bats flying at high speed along the mountains in Lost Valley. Roughly a week later, a group of hikers also passed through the valley, home of the Ghost Winds of Indian lore. The hikers thought they saw ghosts flying near the tops of cliffs in the same general area of the giant bat sightings. Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson said he and his men will visit Lost Valley immediately to check out the two sightings. Ranger Bill assures the GAZETTE that these bats or whatever appear to pose no danger to the public. The GAZETTE will report on Ranger Bill's findings as soon as he returns from Shadow Valley.

Friday, April 2, 2010

RB073 The End of the Rope

Nathaniel Norton sends his son Bart and his son's friend Jeff to Knotty Pine for several weeks of vacation. Bill reluctantly agrees to keep an eye on the two boys. But Bill, Stumpy and Gray Wolf must leave for 10 days of trail work. Henry entertains Bart and Jeff while Bill is gone. Henry has some work to do and must leave the pair for a while. The boys sneak off to go mountain climbing, against orders from Bart's dad. The boys end up stuck on a mountain, Jeff is hurt, and no one knows where they are. How can the boys get help? No one knows they're in trouble or their whereabouts. Catch all the fun and excitement of this week's adventure.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paws and Tales Adventure Series

The Mystery of Shadow Valley series
Mr. Collins was a famous archaeologist who did much of his digging in the Middle East. Mrs. Collins is allowing Stacy and CJ to do a little of their own digging - in her basement. The kids discover wooden boxes full of Mr. Collins' artifacts, equipment, journals, and wax cylinder recordings.(The cylinders are cardboard tubes coated in wax and used like your parent's old records.)
The kids find the player for the wax cylinders and listen to some of Mr. Collins' recordings. They learn that Mr. Collins recorded some cylinders at Sousa, the capital of Persia (ancient Mesopotamia). King Xerxes I ruled in Sousa. His wife was Ester. Yes, Ester from the Bible's Old Testament.
Someone doesn't want the kids to listen to those recordings. He will do anything to stop the kids from learning about the Mystery of Shadow Valley. But some rats want the kids to hear the recordings and read Mr. Collins' journals from Sousa. Cylinder 137K is the first key in unlocking the mystery.

I heartily encourage you to listen to each and every episode of this wild and exciting adventure series. Read the book of Ester. It is in the Bible's Old Testament just before the book of Job and the Psalms. Ester is only 8 pages long in my Bible.You can hear the first episode of Mystery of Shadow Valley called "Cylinder 137K" on our HisKids player. Just click on our player. When the green player screen pops up, select "Change Program" and then click on "Paws and Tales."
I hope you enjoy both Mystery of Shadow Valley as well as this week's Ranger Bill story, The Clown of Blue Lake. The Clown of Blue Lake is as exciting as it is just plain fun.