Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Knotty Pine Gazette - Nov. 2008

It's Snowvember in Knotty Pine

Yes, it's November here in Knotty Pine and that means snow. Meteorologists at TV station KNOT report that most of the region in and around the Shady River have experienced from light to very heavy snow fall so far this November. Most of the region including Central City and Junction City have received at least four inches of snow in the last week. Heavier snows have fallen in the upper elevations of the Shady Mountains and other parts of the Rockies. Especially hard hit was the Big Six Mountains and Culver's Peak. The Big Six Lodges are open and report fair to good skiing with an astonishing two to four FEET of freshly fallen snow.

Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson informs the Gazette that he has daily ski patrols on duty in the Big Six region. Rangers are working hard this week knocking down snow build-ups on the mountain peaks. Ranger Bill tells the paper that avalanche prevention is his men's number one concern right now.

Ranger Bill also tells us that there is a warm-up forcast in the next week and that flooding in the valleys below the Big Six and along the Shady River are possible. Rangers and county engineers are watching water levels at bothMid-Mountain Dam and Pine Ridge Dam.

Veterans Day Memorial

Mayor Thompson will lead the Veterans Day Parade on Tuesday, Nov. 11. The Parade will begin on the north end of Main Street and proceed through the center of town ending at Knotty Pine Cemetary. Memorial Services for Knotty Pine's war dead will be held in the cemetary after the parade where a wreath will be placed in front of the Veterans Memorial.

The Knotty Pine High School band, area veterans groups, and several of Knotty Pine's ministers will participate in the parade and memorial service.

The parade begins at 11:00 am, and the public is encouraged to attend. There will be no school or mail service on Tuesday.

Farmers Give Thanks for Banner Year

Farmers throughout the tri-county area and around Big Pine Forest region report above average crop yields for 2008. Large crop yields combined with rising farm produce prices have combined for what appears to be the most profitable year for area farmers in over 50 years.

In thanks for their bounty, many the Canyon County farm bureau is planning to give of their time and produce this Thanksgiving. You will be seeing many area farmers helping at the Central City Shelter, serving Thaksgiving meals to the poor and less fortunate. Also the bureau plans a canned goods delivery to shelters and homes in the county the week before Thanksgiving.

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