Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Friday, April 3, 2009

Death on the Waterfront cast

I don't mention the cast and crew of Ranger Bill often enough.
Ranger Bill and Stumpy are both played by Miron Canaday. Miron is also well-known for hosting another MBN production, Show Me Thy Glory.
Ed Ronne, Sr. played Gray Wolf. Ed left broadcasting after Ranger Bill to work for Argonne National Laboratories.
Roger Compton played Henry. Roger went on to become Dr. Roger Compton and was the head pastor at a large church which I believe was in the Phoenix area.
Rex Brenner, who played the loading foreman and Knotty Pine's mayor in this show, also created and produced a five-minute show in the nineties called Stories of Great Hymns. He is the voice of the ever-popular French Canadian logger Frency DeSalle. Rex also played Olie on Sailor Sam.
A name you don't often hear is Bill Pearce. Yet Bill is a regular on Ranger Bill. Bill played various parts in this show. He was the dock worker, the doctor, and a Knotty Pine councilman. He is also the show announcer as he is most every week. One other regular part he had was as ranger Ralph Carpenter. There were three or four ranger Ralph's over the years. Bill only played Ralph Carpenter. And yes, Bill is the Bill Pearce of Henry's "Christmas Pageant".

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