Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - More 3C and WPA Revelations

Big Pine Information Ranger Rocky McGuire shared with the GAZETTE that CCC building efforts in and around Big Pine National Forest must be described as huge. The Civilian Conservation Corps team known as Camp Shady built numerous buildings during the Great Depression. Some of the construction included Ranger Headquarters, all of the fire towers in Big Pine, the Big Pine Gift Shop/General Store, as well as Big Pine's parking area, camping site, and camper park. As mentioned in previous articles, the 3Cs also planted thousands of pine trees, repaired erosion damage and fixed drainage.
Ranger McGuire was able to verify that a second CCC camp composed mostly of members of local Indian tribes worked on the northern regions of Big Pine. She surprised Ranger Gray Wolf with a plaque authorized by Ranger Bill Jefferson and the Forest Service. The plaque recognizes the work of Gray Wolf's Dakota tribe. Ranger Gray Wolf along with the rest of the Knotty Pine staff traveled to Gray Wolf's tribe to present the plaque and thank the tribe for their hard work in Big Pine.
WPA crews were also hard at work in the Shady River region during the Depression. WPA stands for the Work Progress Administration. These crews built the huge Mid-Mountain Dam which provides millions of watts of electrical power to much of the state. That power changed the face of the Shady Valley. Readily-available, inexpensive power allowed the region to grow and prosper. Knotty Pine grew from a small crossroads village with a general store to the community we all know and love today. Electrical power allowed 3C Camp Shady to build the Big Six Lodge and ski lift which is a major tourist attraction for Knotty Pine.
Ranger Bill would again like to remind readers the God does work good in the midst of hard times like the Great Depression.
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