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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rex Brenner November passing

From a recent news post in broadcasting…

Remembering a Moody Radio “Voice from the Past”
A major player in Moody Radio dramas of the past, Rex Brenner, went home to be with the Lord on November 24th. Our resident “historian,” Phil Shappard, remembers Rex’s contribution to the ministry:
News has reached us of the passing of Rex Brenner, one of the key dramatic players of Moody Radio spanning over five decades. Rex often mused about coming directly to MBI in 1946, “right off the farm in Michigan.” Listed as Rex Maynard Brenner on the scripts of the very first “Stories of Great Christians” dramatizing the life of Charles Finney, Rex went on to act on many Stories of Great Christians, Sailor Sam and Ranger Bill programs , just to name a few. Not only an actor, Rex went on to direct many of the dramas as well, including work on the Sugar Creek Gang and the Adventures/Bookshelf series of stories. For those who knew and worked with him, Rex was known as a real character with a sense of humor that often caught you off-guard. In the late 80s and the early to mid 90s, Rex served as a resource person for Mike Kellogg providing research and devotional material for the Music thru the Night program. Throughout the years, Rex also made himself available to staff members who wanted to improve their vocal performance. Even though at times a teacher, he was always working with his own voice coach to stay on top with his vocal skills as well! Looking back at his life one can only say Rex Brenner was a uniquely original person who contributed greatly to the success of Moody Radio through a significant period of dramatic and artistic programming.
Take a look at our photo labeled "Group 10" on our Zoomshare pages:
Pictured here are some of the voice actors and actresses of Moody Radio’s past. (Rex is seated on the right.)

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