Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Monday, January 25, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE

Shady River Ice Flows

Ice flows on the Shady River have caused damage and threaten several bridges near Knotty Pine. Ranger Bill Jefferson and several of his men are monitoring and clearing ice build-up at these bridges and trestles. Ranger Bill expects to dynamite these ice blockages. Frenchy DeSalle and some of his men are assisting in the work along with some of mining and tunnel digging companies. Ranger Bill expects ice clearing to go one periodically for the next several weeks.

Ice Festival
Speaking of ice, the Knotty Pine Ice Festival is set for this coming weekend beginning Friday, Jan. 29 at Goose Lake and Goose Lake Lodge. The events for this year's festival are bobsledding, skiing, ice fishing, ice boat races, sail skating, ice skating, ice cutting and sculpting, and curling. Events for the children include snowman and snow fort building, snowball rolling, and of course a snowball fight. The Ladies Auxillary is providing stew and hot chocolate. The Knotty Pine High seniors will be selling coffee, tea, soft drinks and sandwiches to help pay for this year's senior trip. The festival queen will be chosen at noon on Saturday.

The mayor and city council hope that this will be another accident-free festival. Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson and his rangers will be the event judges and will oversee safety. Sheriff Cal and his officers along with his volunteer officers will be on hand for the entire festival.

Ice Hotel and Chapel

Mile High Ski Lodge has once again this year completed and opened its Ice Chapel and Ice Hotel. Many of the region's couples have begun the new year by tying the knot or renewing their marriage vows in the Ice Chapel. Most of these same couples have spent at least one night in the ice hotel as well. The Ice Hotel is open to anyone who is looking for a unique winter adventure and a good deal of fun. A free and hot morning breakfast is served in Mile High Lodge each morning for Ice Hotel guests.

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