Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lunch with Bill - Name the Hawks

Ranger Bill likes going outdoors as often as he can. Bill would much rather be on the trail than filling out reports in his office inside Ranger Headquarters. So it probably won't surprise you to know that Bill likes to spend his lunchtime outside enjoying nature. Bill walks to the Knotty Pine square at lunch whenever he can. Sometimes he will bring a bag lunch. At other times he will pick up a sandwich from the deli. In either case, Bill will go and sit on a park bench or eat at a picnic table there in the park that is that's part of the square.
Bill watches the trees and flowers grow and change with the seasons. He often brings seeds and corn to feed the squirrels and birds. Bill can even hold out his hand with some seed in it, and a bird will come and eat right out of his hand. Squirrels will come to his feet and sit and eat.
But one of the biggest thrills for Bill is a red-tailed hawk that calls the park home. The hawk will soar for hours on end looking for something to eat. It will catch a smaller bird in flight, or he will swoop down and grab small animals such as squirrels or mice. The fella found himself a mate, and the two have built a nest on top of Hansen Tower. (That's the 10-story office building that was damaged in the earthquake and killed the construction foreman, George Hansen.)
Bill has found that lots of other folks enjoy just sitting in the park and watching nature. The hawks are every one's favorite. Other folks find sitting in the park as relaxing and refreshing as Bill does. It is a deeply moving time for many. It is even a good conversation starter for Bill. Yes, our Chief Ranger manages to turn sitting in the park and eating lunch into an opportunity to talk about God and His many blessings. The rest of our rangers have gotten into the act as well. It could be that the greatest mission field in Knotty Pine is the park on the square.
Bill and the boys would like to name Mr. and Mrs. hawk. They haven't given either bird a name. What names would you give our little couple? Help Bill pick out names. Leave us a comment or send an email (rangerbillclub@aol.com).

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