Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Knotty Pine Gazette

Knotty Pine Local News

Skiiing is good to excellent on all hills of the Big Six Ski Lodge. There are several hills ranging in difficulty from novice to expert levels. The Big Six Lodge is at near full capacity at this time, and reservations are required at least three weeks in advance.

Ice Fishing
Ranger Bill reports that ice fishing is not permitted on the Shady River anywhere in Canyon County at this time. The extreme cold then warmth in recent weeks (caused by Chinook winds) has made the ice on the river thin to broken over the majority of the river's surface. More seasonal cold is expected over the coming weeks, and Ranger Bill predicts ice thicknesses should reach safe levels in about two weeks.

Winter Ice FestivalRanger Gray Wolf tells the GAZETTE that the Winter Ice Festival is still scheduled for mid-February. Should the Chinook winds cause more problems with the Shady, all river events will be cancelled but all other events will remain.

Tech Center at Ranger Headquarters
Ranger Roxanne "Rocky" Mcguire would like to remind all Knotty Pine residents and schools in Canyon County and surrounding counties that the Tech Center addition to Ranger Headquarters is up and running and available for school and group tours by reservation during regular business hours. The center highlights how technology is now in use in the Forest Service to improve monitoring of the forest - fire fighting, animal counts, disease control, in all aspects of communication, and much more. The Center also includes educational material on identifying the trees, plants, and animals of the forest. Please contact Ranger Rocky for more information or to make a reservation.

Jr. Ranger Hike
Ranger Stumpy Jenkins and Henry Scott are getting their Junior Rangers ready for their annual Winter Hike. The hike is an all-day educational event including hot meals. The main hike is preceeded by several weekend of shorter hikes to prepare the Junior Rangers for the main hike. The hike is not limited only to Junior Rangers. The public of any age may join the hike, provided they can show they are fit for the hike. The hike will conclude at Ranger Headquarters where hikers will get to see the night sky through the telescopes of the members of the Knotty Pine Astronomy Club. Stumpy and Henry would like to thank the club for its participation in the hike.

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