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Ranger Headquarters
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Contest Winners

We have two winners of our Ranger Bill Trivia Contest. Cheryl is our first place winner and Emily is second. I asked each winner if they would care to share a little about themselves. This is what they sent.

First from Cheryl:
The first Ranger Bill show that I remember hearing was Old Faithful, where Stumpy's horse Matilda gets a broken leg. That was on a cassette tape that my great-grandmother had recorded. For most of my early years, we only had about four or five stories that survived from those cassttes to my day, and I was the one who loved them and listened to them over and over. My five younger brothers and sisters liked them too, but were not quite as devoted to them. I can remember each of those shows well; Hunt's Place, Henry's First Job, and Skiers in the Sky.
Then, for my twelveth birthday, Mom let me pick what I wanted, which is kind of a tradition in our house, the only condition being cost under $25.00, or we make up the extra. On that birthday, I went on ebay and picked out a set of Ranger Bill Discs. I believe they were DVDs, eight discs, with a total of about 108 stories. Something like that. Definately not all the stories, but far more than I had then. Those lasted me several years before they were too scratched to continue, at which point I got a single DVD with 227 stories. After that gave out, I tried to find something more on the Internet without paying anything. That led me to your site, which I have been listening to faithfully ever since. The 'only one story at a time' thing was a little annoying at first, but I am fine with it now. I am now 18, and I think I heard my first show when I was about six or seven, so about eleven or twelve years that I've been listening.
My favorite shows will be so difficult that I will start with favorite characters instead. Stumpy is about my all-time favorite, and then is Bill. Frenchy DeSalle and Graywolf are about the same, and Pat O'Rourke is next. I have to admit that Henry is way down the line, further down in some stories than others.
Now, favorite shows. Hunt's Place, Rattlesnake Sam, 10 Hours Too Much, They Killed Ranger Bill, Patton's Piano, Graywolf and the Tamed Cougar, The Law of the Golden Rule, The 25th Man, Stumpy's Harmonica, The Measure of a Man, River of Fire, Soup Truck, The Gospel Goes to Reform School, well, you get the picture. There are others that I haven't listed, but it would take a long time to read the names, let alone write them.
- - - - -
And now from Emily:
My mom used to listen to Ranger Bill on the radio when she was a kid. One day about 5 years ago, we were at a flee market and she saw some CD's with Ranger Bill on them. We got them and I have liked them ever since. There were only about 20 episodes on the CD's though so we found some to download on line for free! YAY!! (they are not free anymore though)

I think my favorite character other than Bill is Stumpy!
I like "Lover Boy" because Stumpy and Henry are so funny in it! I also like the very beginning of "The Deep Country" because of Bill and the paperwork. My favorite whole episodes are "Stumpy Gets 30 Days," "If the Lord Is For Us," "The Prehistoric Monster," "Charlies Nightmare," and "Terror on Finger River."
As for my interests, I play the violin. I really like Tennis, I do Triathlons, camping, and traveling.

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