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Ranger Headquarters
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lost or Damaged RB Episodes

Some Ranger Bill stories have been either lost or damaged over the years. The following is a list of some story titles I know about:

RB Damaged Tapes

Typhoid Fever at Storm Point
Ten Hours too Much
The Reckless Driver
Skinner Raises a Storm
The Space Rocket
The Sheriff’s Convention
The Battle of the Lumberjacks
Seeing Eye Dog
The Donner Party Treasure
The Fighting Sissy
The Dog that didn’t forget
The Monkey Chase
Old Three Toes the Cougar

If you have old recordings of these or possibly other RB adventures not on this list please let me know I am hoping to find as many of these lost shows as I can. Copies of complete stories or parts of them are all welcome. Thanks in advanse for any information or recordings you can locate.


Rachel said...

You can purchase most of the ranger bill's at brando radio. Its $12 per mp3. I think there are 3 of them. It includes some of the stories that you said were damaged. When are you gonna air the second part of The Church At Bent Creek. My 6 year old listened to the first part and is anxious to hear the conclusion.

Ranger Dave said...

Thanks for the Brando radio suggestion. I'll check it out right away.
The Second part of "The Church at Bent Creek" will begin either late Friday (11-23-12) or early Saturday.