Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Programs on our KeysforKids.net player

Our KeysforKids.net player offers many other fine Christ-centered programs for kids besides Ranger Bill.

Down Gilead Lane, Paws and Tales, Fables of Faith, and We Kids with Mr. Nick are some of the wholesome and entertaining shows on His Kids Radio. Nature Corner and Storybook Room with Uncle Bob and Moody Radio Theater (right now featuring the life of John Bunyan, author of Pilgrims' Progress) are just part of their classic program line-up.

This week on Down Gilead Lane, Haley wants to enter the Miss Rhubarb Festival pageant, but doesn't have a dress, a talent, or the experience to back it up. But with the help Tim and Mary Morrison, Haley is able to compete in the competition and learn with the whole family what it means to support those you love.

And on Paws and Tales – “And Then There Were None” The cubs get interested in King Arthur and the brave knights and lovely maidens of his kingdom. Arthur’s theme of “Might for Right” prompts the kids to make their club rules like Arthur’s. Stacey is the first victim of the rules and gets kicked out of the club. Then everyone except C.J. is out. So what good are laws and rules? And what about forgiveness?

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