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Ranger Headquarters
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bill Drown in which shows?

Thanks to all of you who tried answering our question, "Bill 'died' by drowning in which shows? (hint: 2 correct answers)"
The correct answers are:
RB177 "He Broke Through the Ice" where Bill falls through ice one the Shady and is swept downstream about a mile before he finds a way out of the ice. Bill finds a cabin close by and collapses there.
RB050 "The Log Jam" where Frenchy DeSalle's and Ben Larson's logs collide and jam up the Shady. Bill puts dynamite on the jam while Frenchy does for blasting caps. Bill is lost when the jam begins moving and is presumed dead after 3 days. Bill is washed down the Shady and saved by a rock cave. Bill hitchhikes home.
Kudos to all. The vast majority of you got at least one right answer. More of you got this question correct than any other.

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