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Ranger Headquarters
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Piggyback Homes Built in Junction City

The union of Canyon City Truck Lines and the railroad in piggyback delivery service to the mountainous and snowy regions of the state has lead to a new home construction service in Junction City. Leonard Grant, owner of Canyon City Truck Lines, heard about a new idea for use of steel shipping containers (truck trailers, etc.), converting those containers; which are 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 9 feet tall; into safe and easily transportable homes. These container-homes could be quickly and easily transported to storm-ravaged places such as New Orleans on a train by piggyback service. The home could then be driven to a foundation and bolted to metal mounts in the foundation.
Container homes can withstand buffeting from 175 mph winds and days of soaking from flooding. Plasterboard walls and carpeting may be all that might need to be replaced from a flood or hurricane.
To make a container home, a shipping container has door and window openings cut out and the cut-outs recycled. The container can then be constructed to look like any other home or can be left "plain" for an industial look.
Mr. Grant is setting up container construction in Junction City for distribution all over the country. Keep you eyes open the next time to wait at a train crossing. You may just get to see your next home riding piggyback on that train!!!

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