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Ranger Headquarters
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ranger Bill Anniversary Celebration!!!

It may be hard to believe, but RANGER BILL will officially turn 60 on October 2, 2010!!! To celebrate this milestone in Ranger Bill's career, The Ranger Bill Fan Club is starting the Ranger Bill "You CAN Do It" Celebration. The club is asking YOU members and all YOU who love and listen to Ranger Bill to say thanks for all the RANGER BILL fun and adventure YOU have enjoyed by supporting HisKids, or Moody Broadcasting, or your local Christian radio station in a RANGER BILL way. Try recycling aluminum cans or newspaper and taking the money you make from recycling and donating that. Donate a RANGER BILL CD to your church library or your local public library. You could even buy and plant a tree for Ranger Bill (maybe a pine tree!) with some recycling money. This is strictly my (Ranger Dave's) idea. None of the organizations mentioned above are part of or have any knowledge of this RANGER BILL project. If you have any suggestions for RANGER BILL "You CAN Do It" projects, send them to me at rangerbillclub@aol.com and I'll mention them in future notes regarding this 60th anniversary.
If you can't participate in the Ranger Bill "You CAN Do It" Celebration, then please take the time to mention Ranger Bill to a friend and let them know that Ranger Bill is available here at the club's Blogger site any time 24/7.
Yes Ranger Bill made its debut on a Monday afternoon in 1950 on Moody Radio with Pendleton Valley Fire. Pendleton Valley Fire was a three-part story broadcast in 15-minute segments. Part one of the story really featured Col. Anders who was leading fire fighting teams in the valley. It really wasn't until part two that we got to hear from Bill and Henry. Stumpy and Gray Wolf would join the team in subsequent episodes.
I need to also mention that the 200+ half-hour Ranger Bill stories that we all know and love so well began in 1954. So our 30-minute episodes are celebrating 55 years on the air!
There's just one more anniversary I need to mention. The Ranger Bill Fan Club's web site just turned 6 years old on the 4th of July. Thanks so much for your interest in and support of Ranger Bill. Your weekly support and your emails make operating this blog site most enjoyable and rewarding.
Have a wonderful and blessed day!

In Christ,
Ranger Dave

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