Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Knotty Pine Gazette-Thanksgiving news and events

Thanksgiving Harvesting

Wet and cold conditions have dominated the weather news for the last several weeks. Farmers continue to harvest crops late this year. State officials report that soy bean harvest is averaging 90% complete across the state. Corn is only 30% in the barn. State propane dealers are also having trouble meeting demand for propane to run crop driers. Cotton crops are only 10% to 15% harvested and crop losses will make this the worst cotton harvest in 30 years. Ranger Bill Jefferson has stretched his manpower as much as possible to allow his men to continue with the late harvest. Many of the Big Pine Forest's rangers have volunteered to help with harvest until complete. Most will be in the fields at least part of Thanksgiving day today.

Thanksgiving Events:

Morning Worship Service
Churches throughout the Knotty Pine area held services Thanksgiving Eve. Most of these churches joined together on the town square to hold a joint outdoor Thanksgiving service at 9 am this morning. Knotty Pine businesses and stores in and around the town square brightened the service by lighting Christmas lights and store lights. Several hundred attended the morning's worship. Services were concluded with sirens blaring from police cruisers, fire engines, and city hall.

Thanksgiving Dinner
Volunteers from various Knotty Pine organizations will join together from 8am until 8pm this Thanksgiving to provide Thanksgiving breakfasts as well as dinners. This is the 21st year for the free dinners, but the first year for the breakfasts. Many of our volunteers this year will come from the student ranks of Knotty Pine High School. Frenchy Desalle and his loggers have been invited as special guests of Knotty Pine High. Mr. Henry Scott, a student at KPHS suggested the invitation, noting that the loggers and trappers in the Knotty Pine area are often alone at holidays and other special times of the year.

Charity Run
A 10K charity run will begin and end at the visitors parking lot of Big Pine National Forest just a few yards from ranger headquarters there. The run is to raise funds and canned goods for the county food pantry. Runners are asked to contribute a pair of new or good condition shoes as entry fee to the run. The shoes will go to various local charities.

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