Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Sunday, November 22, 2009

RB-054 The Marauder of Goose lake

There's trouble at Goose Lake - BIG trouble. Homes and cabins along the lake are being broken into and wrecked. Angry homeowners want Ranger Bill and his boys to see the damage and find the culprit or culprits. Stumpy and Gray Wolf soon find something that they can't believe and don't want to believe. It looks like the biggest grizzly alive has come back, Old Joe. The Goose Lake residents are hopping mad and impatient. They aren't going to wait for Bill to get Old Joe. The men plan to hunt down Old Joe themselves. What is Bill going to do this time? How can he handle a mod of angry citizens and this enormous grizzly?

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