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Ranger Headquarters
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Firefox affects one HisKids player

John S. wrote to share a problem he was having using the HisKids player after a mid-September update of his Firefox software. He said that all or part of the player was missing and that he could not find any place to click on to get RANGER BILL to play. John followed that with this message on September 20th :

There was a new upcate for FireFox, last week. About that time, I noticed
some missing stuff on a local news site, which I had the brouser set for as a
"home" site. The news story pictures are no longer there, & an error message
replaces the picture -- also can't see the radar maps on more than one

And later John wrote again:

I was thinking of taking the computer in for service because there were
several annoying issues going on. My son came over, Saturday & discovered
the most recent update of Firefox came with a default setting to not allow
pictures to be displayed automatically. Change that setting & all the
problems seem to have gone away. This is FireFox Ver. 3.6.10

Please let me know if you run into any similar problems with Firefox or any other software

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