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Ranger Headquarters
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Illness Becomes Blessing

The GAZETTE reported last week that Kelly Simms, daughter of Knotty Pine's Doc Simms, had been diagnosed with the Marburg virus, a deadly African virus. Kelly had been life-flighted from Knotty Pine hospital to Central City Medical Center where her illness was diagnosed. The GAZETTE is now happy to report that Kelly is recovering from this deadly disease. Doctors are not sure how or why Kelly has survived this powerful virus.
Doc Simms reports that Kelly is sitting up in bed and starting to eat soft food. She should be able to return to Knotty Pine in another week or so. Doc also mentioned that Kelly's recovery may mean great hope for many others who may contract this dreaded disease. Doctors at Central City Medical Center along with doctors from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) are hoping to develop a vaccine for Marburg from Kelly's blood. "Kelly's blood cells have developed antibodies to fight off the Marbrug virus," said Doc Simms. "Doctors at the CDC should be able to create a vaccine to kill the virus from Kelly's blood. There is a good chance that Kelly's illness and recovery may end up saving thousands of lives in Africa. Kelly will soon be giving blood every six weeks or so when she has fully recovered."
Kelly has told her father to thank everyone for their cards and prayers. What the devil meant for evil God has turned to good.

(note: This story actually happened this year to a young lady from Colorado. She is now giving blood to save lives in Africa. Thank God for His amazing grace.)

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