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Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bill Pearce obituaries

Orbra Bliss was kind enough to locate and send us the web addresses of two obituaries for Bill Pearce. Orbra writes:

There are two sites that would be of interest.
The funeral home in Xenia, which has the complete obituary http://www.neeldfuneralhome.com/sitemaker/sites/NeeldF1/obit.cgi?user=174832Pearce#

And the Naperville Sun, where I think the Nightsounds offices are now located http://legacy.suburbanchicagonews.com/obituaries/stng-napervillesun/obituary-browse.aspx?recentdate=0&type=1

Thanks for that information Orbra!

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