Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paws and Tales Adventure Series

The Mystery of Shadow Valley series
Mr. Collins was a famous archaeologist who did much of his digging in the Middle East. Mrs. Collins is allowing Stacy and CJ to do a little of their own digging - in her basement. The kids discover wooden boxes full of Mr. Collins' artifacts, equipment, journals, and wax cylinder recordings.(The cylinders are cardboard tubes coated in wax and used like your parent's old records.)
The kids find the player for the wax cylinders and listen to some of Mr. Collins' recordings. They learn that Mr. Collins recorded some cylinders at Sousa, the capital of Persia (ancient Mesopotamia). King Xerxes I ruled in Sousa. His wife was Ester. Yes, Ester from the Bible's Old Testament.
Someone doesn't want the kids to listen to those recordings. He will do anything to stop the kids from learning about the Mystery of Shadow Valley. But some rats want the kids to hear the recordings and read Mr. Collins' journals from Sousa. Cylinder 137K is the first key in unlocking the mystery.

I heartily encourage you to listen to each and every episode of this wild and exciting adventure series. Read the book of Ester. It is in the Bible's Old Testament just before the book of Job and the Psalms. Ester is only 8 pages long in my Bible.You can hear the first episode of Mystery of Shadow Valley called "Cylinder 137K" on our HisKids player. Just click on our player. When the green player screen pops up, select "Change Program" and then click on "Paws and Tales."
I hope you enjoy both Mystery of Shadow Valley as well as this week's Ranger Bill story, The Clown of Blue Lake. The Clown of Blue Lake is as exciting as it is just plain fun.

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