Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - Easter Edition

All Knotty Pine area residents are invited to attend a joint Easter worship service at sunrise (7:00AM) Easter morning on the square downtown. A combined choir from the various churches will be singing throughout the service. An organ and other instruments will be accompanying the congregation in song thanks to a special stage with electricity provided by the city utilities department.
All the churches will be having regular Easter worship at various times throughout the rest of Easter 2010 morning.
Maple Town Farm is hosting its very first maple syrup festival throughout the month of April. The Chapman family moved to Knotty Pine from northeastern Ohio several years ago. They missed the maple syrup from the sap of the sugar maples that grow so well in the Northeast. So the Chapmans decided to bring the Northeast to Knotty Pine by planting sugar maples in a valley almost identical in climate to their old Ohio home. The trees have thrived and grown and are now providing enough sap each spring to boil into maple syrup and candy. By the way, the Chapmans are distant relatives of John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed.
Mapletown Farm is located 50 miles south of Knotty Pine on Highway "Z."
Lost Valley is home to some of the state's few bald eagle nests. The sole guardian of the eagles is retired professor Dr. Margrave, who is studying birds as well as keeping watch over them. Dr. Margrave sees only the occasional hunter or camper or fellow bird watcher. But a group of scouts camping not far from Mr. Margrave believe they saw what appeared to be giant bats flying at high speed along the mountains in Lost Valley. Roughly a week later, a group of hikers also passed through the valley, home of the Ghost Winds of Indian lore. The hikers thought they saw ghosts flying near the tops of cliffs in the same general area of the giant bat sightings. Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson said he and his men will visit Lost Valley immediately to check out the two sightings. Ranger Bill assures the GAZETTE that these bats or whatever appear to pose no danger to the public. The GAZETTE will report on Ranger Bill's findings as soon as he returns from Shadow Valley.

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