Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ranger Bill on Moody Audio CDs and mp3

Moody Audio (http://www.moodyaudio.com/) offers 220 Ranger Bill 30-minute shows on mp3 CDs and as mp3 downloads. CDs #1-4 contain most of the Ranger Bill stories you hear each week right here at the Ranger Bill Fan Club website on our HisKids.net audio player. CD #5 contains several Ranger Bill stories you won't catch here or anywhere else except on this CD. Volume 5 contains the following stories that I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy:
Chief Of The Dakotas - (Gray Wolf's tribe wants him to quit the rangers and become their chief.)
Swinging Tower Of Eagle's Rest - (Visitors stop to see the fire tower that sways in the high winds there. But more goes on there than high winds.)
The Hot Million - (Hot, dry weather combined with high-power lines carrying millions of watts of electricity threaten the forest beneath.)
A Miss Is As Good As A Mile - (Bill and the boys get into some exciting adventures while driving around in their ranger "car" that rides on skis and has a propeller.)
One Million Years Ago - (Live dinosaurs are seen roaming the Bad Lands. A suspicious archaeologist and his assistant are the only people not scared by the huge beasts.)
Muscle And Prayer - (Frenchy is afraid when he finds animals crushed to death. He knows it is Boris "The Bear," the man who killed his father, looking for Frenchy.)
The Spirits And The Spirit - (Bill, Stumpy and a friend take a South American vacation to see the ruins of an old fortress that natives believe is haunted.)
The Church At Bent Creek - (A young parson tries to restart a closed church. But residents think the building is haunted or cursed. See what strange things go on inside the church building.)
The Town That Wouldn't Move - (The state wants to build a new hydroelectric dam. Townsfolk refuse to leave the only place they have ever called "home.")
Also included are these Christmas favorites:
Christmas Bells
Christmas with Bill Pearce

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