Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Knotty Pine Gazette extra - Lost Canyon discovery

Chief Ranger Bill Jefferson and his men have uncovered the mystery of Lost Valley the GAZETTE reported Easter weekend. Hikers and campers near Lost Valley reported seeing what appeared to be huge flying squirrels or bats or even ghosts flying at high speeds near the cliff walls. Lost Valley is home to retired Dr. Margrave and the region's few families of bald eagles. The valley is famous for it's strong "ghost winds" of Indian lore.
Rangers Investigate Sightings
Ranger Bill sent two of his best rangers Stumpy Jenkins and Gray Wolf to the valley to investigate the sightings. The rangers saw no bats or ghosts but did find signs that someone had been on some cliffs and camping there as well. Ranger Bill called the Army's Lt. Larson, who does areal patrols north of Knotty Pine. Lt. Larson informed Ranger Bill that many army parachutists were using suits that look like bat or flying squirrel suits.
Sky Divers Seen
After making several phone calls, Ranger Bill discovered that a couple of sky diving/base jumping organizations were indeed using Lost Valley for jumping on occasion. The Big Sky Jumpers invited Ranger Bill and his men for a demonstration of their skills. The divers showed and explained the use of the bat suits (also known as squirrel suits or birdman suits). Then they showed the rangers their latest gear, strap-on carbon fiber wings similar to hang glider wings. These new wings give the jumpers a longer glide times and the ability to travel many miles before landing.
Ranger Bill told the jumpers that they would need permits to jump in Big Pine Forest or anywhere in his ranger district from now on. The jumpers had been unaware the Lost Canyon region was part of the national forest district.

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