Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters
Big Pine National Forest, Knotty Pine

Monday, July 19, 2010

Knotty Pine GAZETTE - "Construction" Projects

Two unusual construction projects are slated to begin immediately here in Knotty Pine.

Skiing in July
Paul Alexander, owner and manager, of the Big Six Ski Lodge has a little construction project planned for a ski run this week to cap Knotty Pine's Christmas in July celebration. Paul has all available dump trucks, a steam shovel, a front loader, and a couple bulldozers moving snow from the tops of the Big Six Mountains to the lodge's biggest and most popular ski run. Paul says that he is planning to pack over a foot of snow on the hill. He expects that the snow should last over a week before totally melting.

Squirrel Bridges

Some of the boys in Henry Scott's scout troop have found a new use for old fire hoses - as bridges for squirrels over some of the major roadways in and around Knotty Pine. The boys read that people in other cities were saving squirrels' lives by making bridges for squirrels over busy roads. One city is attaching old worn-out fire hoses to trees across busy roads and above the tallest vehicles. These squirrel bridges should greatly reduce the squirrel traffic deaths. The hardware to hold these hose bridges is relatively modest in cost and will hold firm for years to come. So Henry's troop started checking with some local fire departments and found a wealth of old hoses that are no longer safe for fire fighting. Knotty Pines' firefighters are quite willing to donate their old hoses. Several wildlife enthusiasts in town also support the project. City Council has given its conditional approval to the Squirrel Bridge Project, as it is officially named. Final approval from the county engineer is needed to get the scouts' project under way.

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